Some people think that future of a person is marked by the series of conscious thoughtful decisions. It’s not totally true.

The values and personality are already coupled with the genes. Thus, they influence on children behavior from the early age making them to choose their way. Alvaro Munaiz’s case can be called the further evidence of the decision power when everything starts unconsciously and you barely can remember it.

At the age of 4 he was enrolled in a summer sailing course and it must be said in his favor that since very little he was highly influenced by the sea and nature forming a perfect backstage for navigation.

This way, he started his professional way through the Club náutico de ría de Ares – a sailing club located in La Coruña. The sea, nature and boats created a unique mix of sensations that were transmitted from generation to generation. Additionally influenced by his cousins he also felt the strong need to navigate.

The battles and feats that his cousins and the rest of his family had to face in their navigation experience were discussed at each meal. Consequently, these exciting stories powered Alvaro’s hunger for freedom ensuring him on a daily basis about the focus in life.

He could hardly remember any negative aspect from that weekly course, and, since that moment, navigation became the main focus for each summer. The model of his life was simple, in winter he counted days left before summer and in summer he navigated throughout the month of August.

At the age of 9 he achieved the first significant results by winning his first regatta that became a turning point in his life that was directly channeled with the nautical world. He spent around five years to get that Cup which is still stored on his shelf, 20 years later.

The sea, breeze, nature and boats became Alvaro’s vital organs as far as the windward wind was running through his body and whose veins were carrying the sea water. Moreover, he had begun to communicate more with people who, just like him, felt the same deep need for sailing and, finally, they played a crucial role in his life.

When he was 11 years old, Alvaro faced one of the worst moments he can remember. It happened when he felt from a boat going on a speed of 15 knots and thought that was surrounded by sharks, but hopefully, there were only black dolphins without other intentions except playing. “Just imagine the situation,” commented Alvaro a bit surprisingly.

Spanish championships were the daily bread and his reason for living that brought satisfaction throughout the year as he could also enjoy the sea in winter that became a new experience that motivated him to continue his training and not giving up sailing.Álvaro Munaiz in aBoatTime

There were more than 80 registered boats for the Championship of Spain in Cadiz and Alvaro was only 22 years old, however, despite all the difficulties, he got the victory in one of the races. “You can imagine the situation when two Madrid citizens win a race of the National Championship whereas the rest of participants live on the coast, for me it was one of the most exciting days in my career,” he said breathlessly.

Now Alvaro works at aBoatTime, yacht charter company that appreciates him not only for his excellent knowledge of the sphere, but also for his personality and values as a worker and companion.

Already in September Alvaro will participate in the global snipe in Rio de Janeiro and we would like you to know a little bit more about him before his departure.

What do you feel while sailing?

Tranquility and freedom to do something I really enjoy without disturbing anyone are the only things I’m thinking about when I’m sailing. It’s a great feeling. All the stress that I may have due to the difficult week is always gone. It’s like to disconnect with the rest of the world for some hours. Relaxation is a healthy way to enjoy the life itself.

What does it mean for you to work in a yacht charter company whereas boats are your passion?

I am proud to be a part of such important company that consists of the young, cheerful, dynamic people eager to help each other.

At the present moment aBoatTime is one of the largest yacht charter companies of the international level. From my point of view, working on something you truly love, which is undoubtedly my case, it is absolutely positive factor that motivates you to work harder and vigorously.

When I saw this job offer, first of all I called there because working surrounded by boats was my dream that finally came true. As about my job itself, everything seems close and familiar to me.

What are your expectations for the World Championship in Rio de Janeiro?

Just the opportunity to participate in Rio’s Championship is a great achievement because in order to get to this level a number of national top level classifications must be passed. Thus, we put a lot of efforts to get where we are now; however, we can’t relax due to the fact that soon we have to prepare for the second stage, the World Cup.

Just to participate is already a dream that just a few people managed to achieve and now it’s my turn to try. By the moment, there are 70 registered boats and there is no one of the bad quality. Each country chooses the best boats so since the beginning I dreamed to achieve only the 50th place, but thanks to aBoatTime that helped me so much in my training, I got a new purpose to arrive the 25th. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop at this level (laugh), if the weather conditions are favorable and we work vigorously, I suppose we could perform even better.

Next week I’m going to sail to Melilla direction because of the Spanish Championship of snipe. I’m convinced it’ll be the best way to train and great preparation for the following important regatta in Rio where we will have an opportunity to contemplate Damián Borras, famous international champion.

Álvaro Munaiz on his Snipe

Could you comment us about the parts of snipe regattas?

A snipe race is divided into several stages, but normally if the conditions are favorable, there are two sleeves per day. There may be several types of routes; the main is usually the Olympic one that consists of a number of consequent steps. Thus, it would be tight, long, long, tight, stern, tight and entrance. The usual duration is 1.20h. According to the weather conditions and in some particular cases also, can be done steaming downwind, upwind, stern, tight, stern, tight and arrival.

You have to be especially careful in the outputs because if you cross the line even a few seconds before the whistle, can happen the following two things. Firstly, in a case when two or three boats have been caught, individual flag is raised and they have to turn around and go back to start again. Secondly, if they are more than three wrongdoing boats and the committee is not able to determine their sail numbers, general call sounds and everything starts again in 5 min. To mention, if the general alarm sounds for the third time, the black flag is raised that means that everybody caught during the next round will be automatically disqualified for this competition stage.

How does a snipe of a 40-foot sailboat look like?

It’s a very interesting question. The majority of people get a license for a recreational boat that permits to rent a big sailboat even though you may not have a huge navigation experience. Moreover, the sailboat is more suitable for the family or friends trip when you are moving from cove to cove which is a great fun and you can also learn a lot. To say more, snipe is more competitive and much smaller than the other boat types, however, everything depends on a personal taste.

When you are sailing on a snipe, it opens your eyes being very tactical boat suitable for different maneuvers. Additionally, if you can handle with a sailing boat quite well, it’s very likely that you wouldn’t have any difficulties while sailing on any other boat type. There is a lot of people dedicated to the yacht charter world in my environment that, to my mind, is a unique experience of such type and I definitely invite you to try it with our company aBoatTime, I will even give you a discount coupon for your first sailing trip (laugh).

El Snipe de Álvaro Munaiz