Mykonos can be called one of the most beautiful in Greece and it really stands apart due to the breathtaking shores and charming nature that pervades everything over there.  No wonder it received the name of “The Cyclades Queen “.

In Mykonos the beauty is everywhere, especially when you see its small white houses mixed with really narrow alleys. So, it becomes a perfect destination for all those looking for the real authentic beauty.

High quality beaches attract a great number of tourists that are constantly mesmerized by the scent of the island, especially when a night starts.

Some people say that due to the limited size, the island provides a perfect opportunity to interact with the native citizens bringing beneficial cultural exchange that not all of the popular touristic spots can provide.

Coming to the capital of the island, Mykonos town, its extremely narrow streets are the first thing that will attract your attention. Astonishing flowers adorning the charming landscapes and the typical balconies form the last shot to truly fall in love with the island.

As about some popular touristic attractions, first of all we’d suggest to add the Virgin Paraportiani church to your must list being the most ancient out of more than 400 churches that were constructed there.

Near the highest area, we found the Castro neighborhood with the last bastions of the castle that was built by venetians long time ago.

Moving down towards the lower part of Mykonos, we can see a place called “Little Venice” famous by the wonderful sea view balconies being one of the most magical corners of the island. Immeasurable beauty is everywhere, just come and enjoy it!

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Wonderful shore

Another worthwhile place to visit is Lino which is located on the south of the island inspiring the tourists by the mystery and charm of the ancient Portes ruins.

In a few kilometers from the Mykonos town is situated a small cozy port Platis Yalos. Despite its tiny size, there are plenty of typical local boats that sail on a regular basis.

Mykonos yacht charter

Mykonos Old port with its typical red boats

Keeping in mind that there is no need to rent a car for sightseeing due to the island’ magnitude, Mykonos became a perfect destination for everybody searching for something peaceful, historical and simply beautiful at the same time. Those who want ot experience everything this island has in offer should choose a yacht charter in Mykonos as it allows to enjoy the island’s treasures at the maximum. No one will be disappointed for sure!