Along the Croatian coast there are more than 1500 shipwrecks of different sizes and ages sunken, which is a perfect attraction for diving enthusiasts. There is no better and more convenient way how to reveal this divers’ paradise than cruising the Adriatic waters on board a yacht charter boat.

Diving and sailing in Croatia

The Croatian shore is one of the most fascinating places to explore, not only for its magnificent coastline, but also for its more than 1200 islands, among which many are inhabited, thus offering a chance to enjoy nature at its best.

One of the most popular and demanded water sports activities in Croatia is scuba diving because of  a rich marine biodiversity, crystal clear waters and the fact that the depths of Croatian coast  keeps many impressive wrecks that are still in very good condition.

No doubt, the most famous and exciting diving adventures in Croatia can be experiences when exploring the ruins of the Baron Gautsch, the Greek freighter Peltastis, Italian Francesca da Rimini and the ship S-57x.

Baron Gautsch

It is one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, and also one of the greatest tragedies because it killed more than 250 people. The Austro-Hungarian passenger ship was on its route from Kotor to Trieste when in August 13, 1914, just at the beginning of World War I, it faced an underwater mine, which sunk the ship completely in just 10 minutes.

This important piece of history lies west of the Brijuni islands, about 35 meters deep, and is currently home to numerous fish, algae and sponge species.


The collapse of this huge Greek freighter is a true mystery. It is believed that it sank during a blizzard in 1968, but many experts are doubtful that a storm could have enough force to sink a ship of that dimensions. No matter what is the reason for Peltastis tragedy, its legend will live long.

Francesca da Rimini

After being hit by two British torpedoes, this impressive ship sank in 1944 when it was transporting weapons for the German army during the World War II. Despite the attack, the ship which is located in front of  the Kaprije island is on good conditions to be visited.


This ship also sank during the World War II, and it was one of the best-equipped warships of its time. The wreck is located on the coast of Peljesac, about 30 meters deep, making it easily accessible.

Although most of these remains are protected by the Croatian government for its historical and incalculable value, you can access them thanks to expeditions organized by specialized diving centers. Another option for experienced and adventurous divers is to rent a boat to get closer to the places where these ships have been sunk and then explore these pearls themselves.

If you want to live this experience fully, rent a sailboat with aBoatTime in Trogir, Split or Dubrovnik and reveal the Adriatic diving jewels, which will definitely provide you an authentical explorers spirit.