The Mediterranean is the world’s top tourist destination for yacht charters, but despite the small number of boats available for rent, remains a unique and economical holiday experience, whether if it is with family or friends.


The pearl of Mediterranean navigation is Croatia. Currently, the quality of its boats and both culinary and cultural level, make it a must for sailors. The vast expanse of the coast and its many Croatia and the seaislands, make’s it possible to always find somewhere idyllic and secluded to spend the day, or even take advantage of its night life in cities like Split if this is what you are looking for.

Do not miss Dubrovnik, which is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean, or Trogir, whose old town is a UNESCO heritage site.


The yacht charter destination that has most grown in popularity in recent years is Turkey, where you can enjoy a cultural and culinary experience completely different from what we are used to. It’s a country where the contrasts are a great attraction for Western tourists. Turkey also is perhaps the least crowded boat rental destination, making it easy to find deserted beaches to spend the day or stunning the coast of Turkeycalas to spend the night lulled by the quiet whisper of the waves.

The exceptional weather conditions in the area makes it a destination that can be enjoyed outside the summer season. They are especially recommended the months of September and October, when mass tourism is no longer present.

Do not miss sailing in Marmaris and its environs like the island of Rhodes (Unesco World Heritage), or beach Çiftlik.


Greece, is a classic of nautical tourism. Almost all boats are picked up in Athens itself, so it is advisable to arrive a few days early and also visit the ancient city, which is also close to hundredsMykonos, the greek island of small islands with idyllic villages to stroll and enjoy the authentic Mediterranean diet.

Do not miss the beautiful island of Corfu whith its historic center and its many monuments of the Venetian period.

4.Canary Islands

Canary Islands is a sailing destination that can be enjoyed at any time of year, beacuse of their average high temperatures, mostly over 20 degrees even in December. Its privileged location in the Atlantic, makes it the favorite destination for experienced yacht charter sailors who are ensured good winds. Its stunning natural parks and its services, are also veTeide in Tenerife, in the Canarian islandsry interesting for those who want to travel with family.

Do not miss the Teide National Park, diving on the southeast coast of the island of Tenerife or Playa de las Americas. Do not leave without trying the gofio.

5.Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands, are  another traditional yacht charter destination, today there are few who resist the incredible beaches of Ibiza, or its nightlife. Mallorca, with a long tradition for regatas offerBalearic islands and the seas tourists the chance to enjoy some of the best international competitions during the summer. Although the pretty girl, despite being less well known, is Menorca, with its numerous diving spots and idyllic beaches, makes it the most recommended destination for Spanish nautical tourists, who dont want to go far to enjoy the pleasures of sailing in the Mediterranean.

Do not miss the sunsets in Formentera (Ibiza), racing in the Bay of Palma (Mallorca) or spend a night in the light of the moon in creek Pregonda (Menorca)

In this time of year it is still easy to find some last minute deals to navigate these destinations, and offers a wide range of ship models in these Mediterranean sailing paradises.