Sicily is an island of passion, sun, good-looking people, delicious food and wine…

Each corner is full of charm and beauty. Without any doubt, one visit is not enough to know all about it. If we go from the north to the south or from the east to the west, this magical spot will show different landscapes, multiple gastronomic options and style of art. Curiously, even people are slightly different. So, let’s get to know one of the best Sicilian places for your yacht charter – Marsala. Welcome to the land of the “Godfather”!

Marsala is a city located in the province of Trapani on the western coast of Sicily in Italy. Its rich history in conjunction with amazing surroundings has transformed this place into a cultural and natural heritage. For many tourists, it’s more than a destination, it’s an ideal spot to start their sailing vacations in Italy.

Marsala, south of Italy
Marsala, south of Italy (Flickr by Francesca Special K.)

If you want to travel across the island, you can get to Palermo very easily because the distance is about 120 km only. For the fans of natural beauty, it’s highly recommended to visit Favignana (about 20 mins sailing) – the biggest of the Aegadian islands, famous for its tuna fisheries and delicious dishes in the maritime style. Its convenient location between Marsala and Trapani makes it possible to achieve it within a short time and enjoy it at the maximum level.

Italien risotto (Flickr by Luca Nebuloni)

Italien risotto (Flickr by Luca Nebuloni)

Coming back to Marsala itself, the key region’s activities include wine production and tourism. The majority of tourists are attracted by its pristine beaches with crystalline waters. At the same time, Marsala is a worthwhile place for sightseeing. Its historical centre with beautiful ancient ruins and several museums will positively influence on your esthetical feeling and beauty perception.

It’s a nice experience, isn’t it?

It seems that every corner in Marsala has a mystery or, at least, witnessed some mysterious events in the past. Its narrow alleys of the city centre or its sacred temples cause inspiration and a good mood in everybody. Marsala had been influenced by several cultures and its historical centre is a great example. Practically all of the most important buildings are encountered within the frontiers of the central part of the city. We’d especially suggest you to visit San Pedro monumental museum which is a famous place of interest. Afterwards, you can dedicate some hours to discover several local art galleries. This italian city is a storehouse of treasures for any taste. Here you have the best of them. Don’t miss this beauty!

Top-10 monuments in Marsala

  1. Marsala Cathedral: This religious centre was established in the 17th century and still functions and attracts plenty of tourists. What especially stands out is its facade and the decorative interior.
  2. Castle of Marsala: The role of this place changed several times. It even served as a prison that made it quite famous among the members of the local community and the nearest villages.
  3. Marsala Town Hall: It’s a great example of the civil architecture with all the splendor and attention to details common for this kind of buildings in the past.
  4. Municipal theatre: This  was re-opened in 1994  for sporting and cultural events, and from that time welcomes any visitor to immerse themself in the world of beauty and talent.
  5. Doors of Marsala: There are many cities in the world that have such place of the tourist interest. So, why not to compare it with the rest of them? Believe us, there is something special in those of Marsala.
  6. Convent church del Carmine: You can track the difference between the Sicilian religious architecture and that of the mainland. The altar part especially captures the attention of the visitors.
  7. Agricultural Institute&Wine academy: Several centuries ago it was just a Benedictine monastery, however, with the development of the wine production in the region and the high quality of the local wine, it was transformed into a specialized institution of wine afterwards. Once you are there, try its fine dessert wines or enjoy the local red or white wines. You can find a huge assortment in any of the multiple wineries. Try several to compare!
  8. Piazza della Repubblica della “Loggia”: Being the main square of Marsala, you definitely have to make some pictures there. It’s the must for everybody who comes there. If not, you’ve never been to the true Marsala.
  9. Saline di Mulini windmills: What can be more beautiful than contemplating how the sun reflects in this salty natural reserve with several amazing windmills around. To mention, the local salt evaporation ponds look truly awesome!
  10. Church of the Purgatory: Is another great example of the charming front part and traditional design. Especially spectacular when religious festivals take the place.

aBoatTime hopes that you’ve already felt a special spirit of Marsala, at least a little bit. Well, we do love this place! It has everything to make your sailing vacations in Italy pleasant and truly unforgettable. Are you still waiting for the better weather or favourable winds? Yacht charter in Marsala is a great opportunity to enjoy perfect sailing conditions all year round. Try it yourself and you’ll want to come back!

Wine production in south Italy (Flickr by Chris)

Wine production in south Italy (Flickr by Chris)