Turkey is not a banal touristic destination despite some people tend to think so. It’s a country of controversial influences and plexus of cultures that combines the mysticism of the East and the progress of the West. Among different wonderful sites Marmaris has to be especially distinguished. Why? Go through this post to understand why.

Marmaris beaches, picture source: marmaristown.com

Marmaris beaches, picture source: marmaristown.com

Marmaris is an important coastal town located in Muğla province in the southwestern part of Turkey. This place was previously known as Physkos and formed part of the Carian Empire in the 6th century B.C. when overrun by the Lydians. It was a commercial centre well-known for the handicrafts and maritime trade. Marmaris is proud by its rich culture and wonderful weather with 179 sunny days per year on average. This place attracts plenty of sailing tourists, who choose a yacht charter in Marmaris due to the charming coastline typical for this part of Turkey.

Marmaris is famous by its seafront being the longest in Turkey with the average length of 4 km where the life goes on the full swing. It stretches without any interruptions from its huge marine to the mountain that divides Marmaris from the next city called Icmeler. To mention, even Istanbul with the population of over 15 millions and Bosphorus Strait is not comparable with Marmaris seaside. The local pristine sandy beaches are among the best in Turkey. After mooring you can enjoy delicious food in local restaurants or grab something in a cosy cafe with the hospitable staff. The nightlife is also on the rise. You can find some discos just in 15-20 metres from the beach. Some people suggest that the local nightlife is the most active on the entire South coast. Marmaris has plenty of bars and clubs so that everybody will find something interesting to bring diversity to the sailing trip.

A part of Marmaris, picture source: tripadvisor.es

A part of Marmaris, picture source: tripadvisor.es

At the same time Marmaris is an attractive place for the nature fans due to its wide-spread pine forests and hills. Well, probably, the astonishing natural beauty of this place is the first thing that will catch your eyes without going deeper. If you stay there a bit longer, you will feel the friendly atmosphere that can be found in every detail of the daily life. Even the air is penetrated by the peace and friendship forming the perfect base to relax and forget about the daily-life worries.

Marmaris is not only about partying and chilling out because it also offers a chance to plunge into the rich centuries-old culture. Surrounding landscapes and the countryside permits its visitors to observe the scenic villages, ancient ruins and other memorable sites. Among the wide range of excursions you can visit Ephesus, Pamukkale, jeep or horse safari and many others. Your children (and some adults also) will be excited about the waterpark visit. The season starts in May and ends up in October, however, if you prefer to enjoy a nice mild weather, go to discover this Turkish pearl throughout the year.

Marmaris port

Marmaris port, picture source: trivago.es

Many people consider Marmaris as a shopping paradise because of the variety of items you can buy there. People tend to purchase jewellery, especially gold, carpets, leather and woolen products. In a case you want to discover something typical for this place, go to try your luck on one of the local markets. If you prefer more edible souvenirs, you can buy some local wine and honey being one of the most emblematic local items. Normally in summer shops remain open longer so that you can enjoy shopping till very late.

Keeping in mind the controversial essence of this developed resort, where peaceful quiet strolls can be combined with different entertainment activities, Marmaris becomes perfect to fulfill your vacations with joy and happiness at any age.

Well, now you understand why we go for Marmaris or, probably, you have your own favourite places there or any other logical reason to love this charming destination. But we strongly believe that if it’s true love, there shouldn’t be any logical explanation, just the feeling that it’s yours and the sense of belonging to the place. Anyway, everybody can find something special there and only once you visit it, you’ll understand the reason. Are you enchanted already?