If you think that Marbella is a place of interest for all those who love comfort, luxury and style, of course you are right…but only partially because this place has a lot of things to offer. We, at aBoatTime, try to be aware of everything in vogue that’s going on there.

This time let’s check how is it going with the reconstruction of the Marbella fishing port La Bajadilla where the rumors have been flying since the middle of 2012.

According to the initial plan, restoration works were scheduled to begin about one year ago, in November 2012 to be more precise. The estimated project cost was expected to achieve the level of 400 million euros in total that spawned a lot of expectations for the further development of Andalusia in general and Marbella in particular. People started to hear about the port expansion plans already in 2011. Undoubtedly, port transformation ideas seemed really attractive for the Marbella council as for the general public. New investments in the continuous development are very promising for the economical growth. However, since the very beginning in 2011 there were some controversial details to agree on that led to the protracted negotiations between the Construction Group and Regional Authorities of the Andalusian region.

At the same time, the council totally understood the importance of the project and how valuable it is. Andalusia is considered as one of the poorest Spanish regions mainly surviving due to the tourism, agriculture and its processing, shipbuilding industry and fishing. So, it could be really beneficial to initiate such a tempting project as soon as possible. Finally, several series of administrative revisions were started which were reflected by continuous postponement of the project launch. Moreover, each time a new plan had to be re-evaluated and approved by the local authorities which is a time-consuming process.

Port of Marbella (Flickr by Antonio Chac)

Port of Marbella (Flickr by Antonio Chac)

Among the main advantages of the project especially can be distinguished employment creation and cruise ships mooring possibility. A concept of the project defines the expanded powers of the old fishing port La Bajadilla. In particular, it’s expected to be transformed into modern entertainment centre and luxurious cruising port with all the necessary equipment and a varied range of additional services. Construction was planned for several gourmet restaurants, bars and cafes, designer boutiques, supermarkets and even a five-star hotel. As about some technical details, there will be more than 1,200 mooring spaces available for normal, super and mega yachts up to 175 m long in water and dry storage. It will be the most significant industrial project for Marbella’s development.

Sheikh Abdullah Ben Nasser Al-Thani from Qatar is its sponsor. At the same time he is also the owner of football team Malaga CF. Andalusia is becoming more and more attractive, isn’t it? The new port shall possesses the name of the sheikh who won the favor of the Andalusian Authorities due to a number of factors among which is his independence in financing meaning the developing company he owns. However, bargaining is not a simple process, in this case great interest and enthusiasm were replaced with slight ignorance from the Qatar part that forced Spanish Authorities to make an ultimatum concerning the possibility to break the initial agreement with sheikh and start the search for a new investor. However, finally, the conflict was prevented and the situation became clearer when Marbella Authorities received a confirmation that Al-Thani will compensate the delay in construction and will pay a fee. Another promise achieved during the negotiations was active participation and control by the Qatari side of the whole process. As always, there are still some rumors about the closed-door meetings and achieved results.  Anyway, the nearest future will reveal the true and present us the final result because according to the latest news its construction should start the next year.

Marbella's mayor Angeles Muñoz with sheik

Marbella’s mayor Angeles Muñoz with sheik…Only fine beginning or a long-term collaboration…

Marbella is a place to be…There dreams come true and complicated ideas take shape…Well, let’s stay tuned and see the further development of the situation with the luxurious port.

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