A spectacle?, Magic?, A spell maybe?, A charm? I don’t think any of these arrive to describe Maiorica, tha largest of the Oriental islands in the Spanish Mediterranean. Only if we put all these words in a shaker and mixed it vigorously, would we create an almost-definition of this pearl of the sea.

Landscape of Mallorca in Spain

Maybe it has been the effort of countless cultures since the Neolitical to annex this natural wonder, what has contributed to the creation of such beautiful island. She possesses the ability to wet your soul with an amalgam of cultures that float in the Majorcan air.

Since the Neolitical the Balearic slingers until the Romans, passing through the Vandals or Byzantines to conclude with the Muslims and the Spanish, have been shedding their blood, sweat and tears to conquer Majorca. It could be that James I the conqueror, in 1229, came to think “Hm, this island is worth it”.

Here in Majorca water is everywhere, and the sun does it’s thing. He nourishes as he embellishes the marvelous Majorcan landscapes that become worthy of fairytale when the king of stars decides to dive in the horizon.

The raining tourism is a clearer evidence of what this island can offer. Beach, sea, countryside, night and party dissolve to shape Majorcan life. Caressed by her boleros and copeos, she will hypnotize the most tenacious visitor.

Majorca's cliffs

The Bellver castle, the Santa María de Palma Cathedral or the Lluc monastery are just some examples that evidence the passage of numerous civilizations that, nonetheless, coexist with the charm of Cala Varques, Cala Agulla or Fomentor; to cite some of the island’s most spectacular rivieras.

If we should add her gastronomy based on the Majorcan fry-up, the tumbet, with esclatasang, arròs brut, pa amb oil, sobrasada or butifarrón, and as a grand finale, the ensaimada, we end up with the fact that Majorca is one of the destinations for which aBoatTime goes “all-in”. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to enjoy it at an unparalleled price.

Hesitate no more and embark on the conquest of Majorca!