Have you ever thought about sailing on the Aegean Sea for a week, in a luxury yacht, on Turkey’s scenic coast? A luxury yacht charter is something you have to experience at least once in your life. From enjoying a cold Efes Pilsen beer, anchored in the strait of Istanbul, to mooring your yacht in one of the country’s many scenic coves, there are a huge variety of things to do and see on your Turkish yacht charter.

Step 1: Your luxury yacht

To begin your luxury holiday with your partner or friends, the first thing to do is to make sure your yacht accommodation is worthy of a 5 star hotel; for this reason we recommend the Princess 62 HT. It is 19.3 metres long and has room for 8 passengers in 4 luxury and spacious cabins. It is an elegant, yet speedy yacht, with a cruising speed of 24 knots, and maximum of 30 knots. It features wooden interiors and a sun deck for relaxing under the Mediterranean sun. The master cabin is located in the centre of the vessel and provides marvellous sea views. On the inside, the Princess 62 HT is a light and airy yacht, with large windows and an elegant design scheme.


Another popular choice for sailing in Turkey is the Fairline 55, an elegant yacht, 17.1 metres long, with space for 8 people, or 6 if you decide on a skippered charter. This stylish luxury yacht has a modern sun deck, saloons and spacious and bright cabins. On the stern there is an additional covered relaxation area, ideal for relaxing in the evening.

Step 2: Planning your route

Once you’ve chosen your luxury yacht, set sail in Turkey! Some of the best sailing routes in Turkey are the following;

From the beautiful city of Marmaris, you can embark on a dream voyage, with scenic blue water coves and beaches nestled between mountains. We recommend visiting these untouched, natural retreats; some of the best are Turun Cove and İçmeler Beach.



If you’re sailing near Bodrum you can easily visit the ruins of the ancient city of Knidos, an ancient Greek settlement located on the Turkey’s eastern coast. There is evidence of Persian settlement around 540 BC, and later Roman and Byzantine settlements. Nowadays relics from these ancient civilisations can be seen in the city, from the recreation of Aphrodite of Knidos, to Byzantine statues and early Christian tombs.

Another amazing route we recommend, is sailing from the picturesque city of Kusadasi, skirting the edge of the Pamuk Bay, arriving at Çeşme, on the Aegean coast. This route provides spectacular views of the region’s long blue water beaches. The area’s most famous beach is Altınkum Beach, with soft white sand, and a low water level allowing you to easily walk along the length of the beach.

Step 3: Cuisine

Even though there’s nothing better than enjoying an aperitif on your luxury yacht, with views of the strait of Istanbul, we recommending visit some of Turkey’s restaurants and bars to fully experience Turkey’s culture. The Panorama restaurant in Marmaris is an ideal place to dine, whilst enjoying the spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. If you wish to try Turkish speciality cuisine, don’t miss La Vita Restaurant, also in Marmaris.

Tuti Restaurant

Restaurante Tuti

Another restaurant with fantastic views is the 360 Restaurant Istanbul, a revolving restaurant providing 360º views of Istanbul. In Bodrum we recommend the Tuti Restaurant, located in the upper part of the city, especially in the evening.

Step 4: Exciting activities

Some other activities you can take part in on your luxury Turkish yacht charter are; sailing through Turkey’s green canyon, going on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia or playing in the natural surroundings of Carya.

Green canyon from Antalaya

A natural canyon where you can sail in one of the boats which travel down the canyon, surrounded by forests and the Taurus Mountains. Discover the amazing marine life and tranquility of the region on your Turkish yacht charter.


One of the most romantic places in Turkey, why not visit and take a hot air balloon ride, where you can admire the rocky valleys and ancient labyrinthine cities.

Carya Golf Club

An excellent golf course located on the Antalaya Peninsula, designed in a classical style. It is 6570 metres squared in size, and is at one with nature, with obstacles such as pine and eucalyptus woods and sand hills which makes the course a little more challenging than the average course.


Paolo Benedetti- termas de Pamukkale

Pamukkale thermal pools

Visit the famous Pamukkale thermal pools, an ivory paradise formed from natural terraces with tepid water baths. The effect of its ivory and greyish tones, produced by the chalk deposits is reminiscent of that of the moon.

The best starting points for these voyages are Bodrum, Marmaris and Kusadasi. To find out more about these, see our website, and plan your dream week on a yacht charter in Turkey.