Like so many things in life, the nautical world awakens in most people a curiosity that is hard but not impossible to explain. I know it’s not impossible because the character of this story was able to revive his experience of a seduction by a unique nautical happening, as he was quietly taking a walk in San Francisco.

America's cup, the fastest boat

Jorge Bela, which is the name of our story’s character, a traveler and a dreamer that resides in Bogotá, Colombia, was calmly  enjoying a stroll with the San Francisco Panoramas when something seized his attention. A  conglomeration of monumental boats who cut like swords, full of adrenaline, the water and sky at the same time. It couldn’t be anything else but the America’s Cup. Once he realized that, he went closer and for some moments was able to contemplate one of the greatest nautical events.

Panoramic view of America's Cup

Impossible would be to pass without being astonished by a boat whose mast is 40 meters high, doubling its length; who is capable of deceiving the raging wind with its apparent fragility and comes to penetrate him as a ray of light would pass and leave no trace. Sometimes these two ally to try to escape from the water and navigate the wind for an instance of time. How can this minimalist structure dominate the storm? How can a human being master him when he is exceeded maybe 22 times in height?

America's Cup, Oracle boat USA

The hulls, sails, sailors, wet suits and masts of the fastest boats on Earth in their maximum splendor, blended to create such a beautiful view. With his camera prepared, Jorge pointed, framed and shot to immortalize a moment that doesn’t cross our path every day; the fortune of some and the dream of more people.

Our friend Jorge, who always shares on his Facebook ( everything that might be enriching for any ordinary person, couldn’t waste the opportunity and therefore he didn’t hesitate to make us participants of one of these moments that we enjoy so much at aBoatTime.

We wish to thank once more our friend Jorge for the attention he had towards us when sharing with aBoatTime and, therefore, with all of the aBoatTimers, some really incredible pictures. If you would like to read more about a down to earth traveler like you that is in love with his adoptive country,  you can visit one of the highest ranked tourism blogs in Colombia, and take the opportunity to practice some spicy Latin Spanish.