Sailing boats and holidays have always been a luxury that, up to now, wasn’t within reach of most mortals.

Luxury yachts and high end sailing boats are fast and easy to sail, moor up in any port, sleep on board and spend the days sunbathing or eating on deck. Nautical tourism is more and more fashionable, since the fleets offer more economical prices and the whole experience of visiting new spots each day is a privilege. It is possible to rent a boat, a catamaran or a yacht but in this article we want to present to you the most impressive boats of princes, presidents and celebrities. You will discover on what sort of boat the royal families, the presidents and the world’s most famous people spend their holidays.

“Azzam”: property of the president of the U.A.E.

This incredible super-luxury yacht is 180 metres in length and belongs to Khalifa Al Nahyan, the president of the U.A.E. It is currently the biggest yacht in the world, surpassing the “Eclipse” which is 163 metres long. It was constructed and designed over three years by german engineers from the Lürssen Yachts shipyard, with a special design that saw them collaborate with Christophe Leoni for the interiors. The main living room is a whopping 30 metres squared without and the total width is no less than 21 metres (a length of boat that most of us would be happy with!).  On top of that, the vast engines propel this huge vessel to 32 knots of speed.

It goes without saying that the royals of the middle east enjoy their luxuries but this might just be the most extravagant purchase yet. Little is known of what it holds on the inside, with it being a fairly new build and the private nature of its owners however it is safe to assume that no expense will have been spared.  It is estimated that it’s owner paid a sum of 628 million US dollars for this floating luxury!

The Azzam yacht

The Azzam yacht (Flickr by CKlaus Jordan)

“Eclipse”: the magnificent yacht of Roman Abramovich

Until Azzam was built, Eclipse was the world’s biggest yacht, at 163 metres in length and a construction cost of 340 million euros. This superyacht can accommodate 70 members of working staff and has a submarine and two helicopter pads. All this to serve the 24 guest suites who will spend their time in one of the two pools or eating at the on board restaurant. Eclipse first set sail with its owner aboard in 2010, the tycoon and russian businessman Roman Abramovich, who now perhaps feels annoyed to not be the owner of the world’s largest and most luxurious yacht.

You would be forgiven for wanting to be protective over such an incredible piece of property however Abramovich takes this to new levels. The boat itself was designed to have a military feel and the addition of bulletproof glass and missile defense systems really make this a floating palace.

This superyacht has been to to some of the most incredible ports in the world, such as Monaco and New York. Then again, it has to be a pretty special mooring to accomodate such a behemoth of the water.

The Eclipse yacht

The Eclipse yacht

“Venus” of the late Steve Jobs: the genius of Apple

The yacht of the late creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, 78 metres in length, could be seen in ports such as Santa Cruz, Tenerife and Palm Beach, Florida. It is a great shame that the technology genius couldn’t enjoy this beautiful yacht to its fullest, constructed by dutch boatyard De Vries. Jobs was personally in charge of designing Venus alongside his designer Phillippe Starck, to give it a modern touch with a personal feel. The cost of construction reached 100 million euros and it goes without saying that it was full of the latest apple technology inside.

Perhaps they’ve got apple life jackets too?

The yacht of Steve Jobs (Flickr by Carlos Valdez)

The yacht of Steve Jobs (Flickr by Carlos Valdez)

“El Fortuna”: the yacht of the spanish Royal Family

41 metres in length, the yacht El Fortuna, was, until 2013, the official boat of the spanish Royal Family. The shipyard IZAR de San Fernando in Cádiz was in charge of the construction of this superyacht that cost 18 million euros. The king voluntarily gave up the superyacht in 2013 but it wasn’t until the 28th of January 2014 when, in Palma de Majorca, an official sale was signed, in part as property of the state. The official docking of the boat was in Palma, on the island of Majorca and it has accommodation for 8 people in 4 double cabins. The old yacht would reach 65 knots with a weight of 140 tonnes and 3 turbines attached to two diesel motors.

Due to the difficult economic crisis, it is unknown whether the Royal Family will return to spending their summer holidays sailing the mediterranean.

The Fortuna (Flickr by Miquel Salas)

The Fortuna (Flickr by Miquel Salas)

Amancio Ortega’s yacht, the founder of Imperio Inditex

Amancio Ortega surprises us in a good way with a discreet yacht of just 31 metres length and 6.3 metres of beam that is normally moored in the winters at the boatyard of Sanxenxo, Galicia. The founder of Imperio Inditex, a part of which is made up of fashion brand Zara, sails Spain and the Cote Azur in France in the yacht which, although beautiful, is a small luxury given that the businessman has a fortune of more than 43 billion euros.

The yacht of Amancio Ortega

The yacht of Amancio Ortega