What is a catamaran?

Catamaran: A vessel, usually a sailboat, made of two hulls.

This is a scientific definition of catamaran, however, we’d like to provide you with some arguments to show that, in fact, catamaran is something more than simply a boat with double hulls. Among plenty of catamarans, we in aBoatTime, have chosen the Lagoon brand with its wonderful new models that will delight every fan of sailing vacations. Here, in this post, we introduce to you seven great catamarans such as:

1- Lagoon 380


This particular model could be the perfect choice for short vacations with your family or some friends. Its three or sometimes four cabins, located on a 38 ft vessel, give the feeling of space that has come from good planning. The flybridge can be defined as a real living room, partly being outdoor, it provides the necessary space to enjoy the sun. Other features include 360-degree view in the cabin, kitchen that installed between the cockpit and the cab along with the beauty and design of the stern flaps to access the sea.

2- Lagoon 39

It forms part of the new generation of Lagoon boats and is an avant-garde model of 39 ft. Some of the most striking characteristics are its light weight, the finishes and wooden details together with two, three or four cabins that make this catamaran really versatile. The flybridge is totally comfortable and protected, at the same time the stern possesses a spacious transverse passage along with useful dining table and the cutting-edge seat on the starboard that gives you direct access to the command post for the flybridge or the desk.

3- Lagoon 400S2


Faithful to its predecessor, Lagoon 400 S2 is equally perfect for a coastal or sea cruise. It can comfortably accommodate 8 people thanks to its 3 or 4 double cabins perfectly furnished and a bathroom to the same level. Totally at the forefront and with a luxury supine, this model represents a nice mix of furnishing styles with grey upper part. At the same time, the space is so ergonomic and optimized that 8 people will feel absolutely comfortable aboard.

This catamaran offers two versions so that you can adapt it according to your needs. Well, it’s the best variant taking into consideration the relation between the quality and price whereas it totally meets the indispensable options to enjoy your Lagoon boat at the maximum level at the affordable price. As about the comfort, this version integrates all the necessary equipment parts in order to be able to travel more.

4- Lagoon 421

It represents some truly great features. With this model starts the most attractive brand line. The weight of the vessel was decreased even more whereas its structure and design have been refined for the better environmental and human protection. It’s still uses the Alpi cabinetry for interior design, which also promotes sustainable development. Possible modifications include three or four cabins. The back skirts allow you to step aboard even more easily and safely. Its huge and luxurious flybridge countains the same plan as the cabin.

5- Lagoon 52

This model is the result of the great efforts in the maritime engineering mainly thanks to the architects Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), from the Italian studio Nauta Design and from the Lagoon technical office.

Here you can notice more luxurious materials in conjunction with some soft tones that completely change the space interpretation. It results extremely difficult to separate the interior from the exterior due to the formed block that influences the model interpretation but makes it more uniform and compact at the same time. Returning to invest in the weight saving along with Alpi materials positively influences to the environment.

It can be equipped with 3, 4 or 5 cabins, some of them with a private bath which is common for more luxurious catamarans. The rear skirts stay open to guarantee more comfortable access from the stern. The exterior part has a solarium to utilize the sunny hours at the maximum level. This model, undoubtedly, was created for the most exclusive client that would like to invite a lot of friends on-board.

6- Lagoon 560


This model opens the new category of luxury and huge dimensions. Its ergonomics are something from another planet, the finishings will please even the most keen sailing holiday fan. In general, every detail is unique and brings additional comfort and elegance to this catamaran. Lagoon 560 perfectly represents “fly bridge” concept, which means an upper deck lounge with a considerably large solarium in the back. The rear skirts have been designed especially for the boarding and additional disembarkation protection for the crew.

The cabins are aligned along each hull, whereas VIP cabins have a private bathroom…And now we are entering into the true luxury. Are you ready?

7- Lagoon 620


This catamaran is available with 4, 5 or 6 cabins and offers a modified environment that creates a luxury and glamorous spirit. At the same time, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy the “fly bridge” with solarium. As for the cockpit, in this case all of them form the agora of the ship, spacious meeting places for the crew. Also, its large panoramic kitchen allows you to add a double cabin with a private bathroom in the back part and a central cabin equipped with bunk beds. This is an ideal model for the true sailors, sea fans and just people that want to impress their closest relatives.

So, now you know almost all of the new Lagoon catamaran models. Don’t you feel the need to sail on one of them? Well, as far as now you know that this type of vessels is not only a “vessel, usually a sailboat, made of two hulls”, because it can offer much more…Rent a Lagoon catamaran and enjoy everything this famous shipbuilder has prepared for true sailing enthusiasts!