There is a wide variety of shipyards around the world, however here at aBoatTime we are particularly fans of the french brand Beneteau. We want to present to you the excellent Lagoon 400 S2 catamaran. This is one of the many Lagoon catamarans that you can rent for an enjoyable holiday on the water. 

A great option for holiday from June onwards is renting a catamaran in Ibiza and sailing to the islands of Pitiusa and Formentera, while you relax on deck, sunbathe and enjoy the ibezan nightlife or spend the day in a private bay amidst the turquoise waters and mediterranean nature. Here we will fill you in all about the tecnical qualities and comforts of the Lagoon 400 S2 however if you would would like to see more catamarans available in Ibiza from just 110 euros take a look.


Beneteau (Lagoon) is considered the biggest leisure catamaran manufacturer. The company has a strong position in the marketplace and the general performance is good, however, its success has mainly been influenced by the following factors.

These are key performance indicators that brought the glory to Lagoon and increased the number of fans, many of those are convinced about their boat choice for the sailing vacations.

Returning to its history, Lagoon 400 S2 was based on the previous model – Lagoon 400. Even though there are several boats with similar characteristics, the Lagoon 400 S2 especially stands out due to the unique set of qualities it provides to its sailors. There are 2 versions available – with 3 or 4 cabins. In general, the first emotion that this boat can inspire is a feeling of harmony and balance. For instance, the combination between the interior and exterior or between the saloon and cockpit looks truly sophisticated. It was made by Nauta Design agency that perfectly transmitted the brand philosophy that stresses modern design, elegance and the high class.


Lagoon 400 S2 indoor space

Boat description

Lagoon 400 S2 is fast, innovative, easy to manage and secure. It provides similar comfort being at the high sea or while anchored. The light is also a huge selling point. There is exceptional luminosity due to the big windows and spacious environment. That’s why high visibility is can be enjoyed in any part of the boat. Its hull windows allow you to enjoy the surroundings just as you would at home due to its reliability and safety. Moreover, there were  several technologies implemented to reduce the pitching even more, so that you won’t notice any waves. Catamarans tend to be a more stable boat type and this particular model is a great example.

Easy performance is ensured by the innovative motor and internal mechanisms. As for the special features, there is an additional top-opening refrigerator which makes your sailing trip even more convenient. Transom skirts ensure easy access aboard and easy passage on wide sidedecks. At the same time, you will have a direct access to the cockpit from the galley. Mentioning the berths, forward cabins double beds are convertible into single berths. Ventilation is a great plus due to the multiple opening hatches. Excellent soundproofing is essential for the great relaxing time on-board. Mooring system ensures safe anchoring anywhere you go. “Live in harmony” is the Lagoon slogan and is perfectly reflected in Lagoon 400 S2. It also implies sustainability and environmental protection.

Lagoon 400 S2 is available in 2 versions according to the equipment:

  • Essential

The basic set of services necessary to enjoy your sailing vacations at the maximum level aboard of a great catamaran.

  • Comfort

Special equipment and some additional options make it suitable for a long yacht charter.