Luxury designer Lidia Bersani has come up with a design for what she refers to as the first yacht designed specifically for women. For this concept Bersani has used her talents with gold, filigree, soft colors, crystal and natural furs which merged with the soft edges of the exteriors highlighted with golden elements to give birth to “La Belle”, a mega yacht worthy of a princess.


This mega yacht is just a concept and there is no concrete schedule for its construction, however if built, this beauty will feature a helipad, a spa room, a snow room, a Jacuzzi, a library and even a theater, but there is no place for a pool table or beer kegs in this floating expression of feminine luxury.

When describing the interior of La Belle, Bersani refers to it as a “woman’s boudoir”. This idea is clearly seen in the master bedroom. With its king size baldachin bed, wrapped around terrace, golden elements and high quality fabrics, the design of this bedroom will leave no woman indifferent.


Golden and crystal elements are plenty throughout the ship, with materials such as onyx, precious stones, fine wood and natural furs used for the main furniture and ornaments. This yacht invokes the feminine spirit through its soft surfaces, almost completely avoiding any hard edges.

There is no scarcity in the entertainment department or nor spaces for dinning on board. In order to ensure that the owner will be able to have a good time with her friends and family, the design incorporates 6 cabin suits that sleep 12 guests in pleasant luxury. For fun times at sea no being ruined by sea sickness in the rough seas, among many other technological wonders, La Belle is designed with a state of the art stability system that will ensure a smooth ride.

At the moment, the price of every princess’ dream has not yet been announced however, when asked about who she envisioned as a potential owner Bersani said that she imagined it being purchased by “a happy, charming, life loving lady, probably she has to be mega rich. Maybe a successful businesswoman? Maybe a successful movie star, heiress or artist? Who knows?”

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