Following the innovative line of water powered jetpacks, the new Jetovator has been launched. It is a jetpack that simulates the structure of a motorcycle and lets its rider to jump 30 feet into the air as well as to dive down 10 feet underwater.

Like its predecessors, the Jetovator is tethered by a long hose, connected to the water jet outlet on a personal water craft. Although they don’t let you to roam wherever you want, thanks to the lack of heavy engine, with the Jetovator, the rider can rocket up reaching 30 feet height.

The luxury of enjoy this amazing experience will cost you almost $9000, which is the price for the Jetovator kit that includes the bike, 50 feet long hose and the plumbing adapters. However it doesn’t include the personal watercraft you’ll need to power it.

Although it’s not a cheap toy, it guarantees loads of fun and emotions you have never experienced before, which will definitely be coveted this summer.

Source: Gizmodo Digital Lifestyle