France is the world’s top tourist destination for many reasons. It has great extended coastlines, high mountains, rich culture and art, spectacular historic monuments, high fashion and amazing food. Holidays options in France are truly unlimited. However, this country is also famous for technological innovations and design. The Jeanneau boats brand is the perfect example of just that!

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Inspiring spirit for adventurous searchers

Brand history in brief

The first milestone in the long history of Jeanneau brand happened in 1956 when Henri Jeanneau started to build boats in his father’s studio. Some sources insist that he was truly obsessed by this idea after successful participation in the famous regatta “Six heures de Paris”.

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One year later he created the first Jeanneau boat that was made of wood and the model was extremely simple but excited the public. Straight after this launch, Henri decided to continue down this path and started to develop a new idea – create a model with a fibre-glass hull. That meant a huge forward step and would be a huge breakthrough.

In 1960 he managed to develop his first full production fibreglass boat. It turned to a great triumph. The “Calanque” speed boat became a good example of power of the human aspiration to achieve certain things in life. Ten years after, a new boat line “Sangria” was launched.

Despite the growing vogue, it was still the very beginning of Jeanneau empire that was reflected in the continuous development, design and creativity. From 1970 to 1990 some Jeanneau boats were produced in the US under the brand license. At the end of this period Jeanneau collaborated with Italian Ferretti Craft to widen the range. However, with time after considering mergers and acquisitions opportunities, it was decided to return the ownership to France.

Jeanneau production sites include: Les Herbiers (Loire Valley, France), Rochetrejoux (nearby Les Herbiers), Nantes and Cholet (Loire Valley). Also, its Polish plant situated in Ostroda shouldn’t be forgotten. Each fabrique is responsible for particular yachts models and boat types.



Sun Legende 41, produced between 1990-1992, especially stands out due to the production in Greece and interesting interior part. In general, there were several international partnerships that, in fact, were mutually beneficial, but the total ownership was always in France or tended to come back to its origin. In 1995 the brand was acquired by the well-known Beneteau group that made the largest and, probably, the most influential sailing boats group in the world. Further evolution of the brand includes Lagoon catamarans launch, cooperation with Polish and Australian producers, liquidation of several divisions along with some restructuring measures.

In 2006 the brand celebrated 50 years anniversary of production. Nowadays, the company is proud of its 2500 employees and a developed distribution network with more than 300 channels (partners).

Unique qualities

Jeanneau custom projects are worth mentioning, for example, some yachts were created especially for the America’s Cup. The recent trends and technologies were reflected in all the models where JAT (Jeanneau Advanced Technologies) were used. Its varied range consists of sport and non-sport models. The second option is more suitable for the less experienced sailors and navigation amateurs.

Thinking about Jeanneau life cycle, there are two descriptions coming on mind – innovations and quality. However, let’s go a bit deeper into details that make Jeanneau brand one of the best in the modern marketplace:

  • International standards of safety

Jeanneau possess ISO 9001 certification that ensures safety of the each boat model from the manufacturing process till the end of its usage. Corporate social responsibility is also among the brand’s priorities. Additional certifications include CE certificate and Bureau Veritas independent engineering certificate for all the boat more than 12m in length.  Production tests of the materials and components in conjunction with the customers feedback form an integral part of the company’s operations.

  • Warranty and service

Its developed distribution network ensures suitable logistics and on time delivery. Additionally, there is a special support team ready to dispel any possible doubts and solve any problems. Interesting intranet programs are available for all the clients.

  • Innovative design

Jeanneau design is totally cutting-edge showing the true French elegance and style. Especially amazes its superior finishing and general view. As about performance, this boat producer pays a special attention to the high speed and smooth passage. All the yachts possess well-balanced sail plans and quality deck hardware. Moreover, there is a R&D department targeted to work on the continuous improvement in engineering technologies and style.

Jeanneau 64 preview

Jeanneau 64 exclusive preview

Jeanneau 64 exclusive preview

This is a true mini superyacht and a result of partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch. The most emblematic feature, perhaps, would be a combination of the classical style with sophisticated contemporary design. This boat model lays beyond the time and space. Honestly speaking, the interior design creates an impression of stepping aboard of a spacecraft full of the straight lines and functional options. Jeanneau 64 has necessary equipment with exceptional high-quality appliances. Its spacious cabins with modern decorations can satisfy even very exigent taste. Innovative interior design features were also included during the boat development, among them can be found a family suite for four people, a full workshop, and laundry facilities. And finally, the last but not the least, goes a comfort provided by this boat. Every detail, every part of the yacht and every corner has a functional purpose that made space optimization possible and effective.

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