Diego Torrado won the national competition copa del rey de vela

Today we interviewed Diego Torrado, a team member of the Audi All4One Sailing Team  that just won the Copa del Rey, and talks with us about his experience.

1)How did you start in yachting?
I started as a kid with about 9 years ord, sailing an optimist at Nautico de Vigo.

2) What does sailing mean for you?
For me it is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle, a subculture and a way of seeing things differently.

3) Can you talk a bit about your track record and successes that you are most proud of?
Winning the Copa del Rey is a great satisfaction because it’s one of the best three races in the world, but for me the greatest achievement was winning the Med-Cup Circuit in 2010, since the circuit is the most professional and with highest level in the world.

4) How was the competition lived in the IRC 1 class?
It was really tight with a large number of high-level participants.

5) What about your rival with the “Audi Azzurra” in particular?
The Azzurra has spent years fighting to be the best team in the world TP52, and it’s a very strong team with a great skills. Also they are the only boat premiered this year. To beat them we had to give 130%, we cannot think of repeating such task again.

6) What were the initial expectations of the team?
On a high level the goal is victory, but with such good teams, a podium was a good result aswell.

7) It is clear that success in the Copa del Rey has been very rewarding for the team but would you change any of the maneuvers during the competition?
In hindsight …. I think the result gives us the reason and I wouldn’t  change anything … (smiles)

Audi All4One Copa del Rey

8) During the last day the All4One rallied 6 points over the “Audi Azzurra”. How would you rate the tactics and, above all, how was it lived by the shore crew?
After a very bad day, Azzurra took the lead up to 6 points, we knew that at any time they could have a bad day, luckyly for us, they did, and we couldn’t miss the chance. The tactic that works best is that we always go out for the win.

The ground crew lived it all quite nervous, especially the last day.

9) What is the next challenge for All4One?
The next race of the TP52 circuit Wolrd Series will be in Valencia, we hope to be at least in the top 3. I hope that we can finally go to Miami in December but that is a sponsor decision (I think that with recent results we are encouraging him a little …).

10) Since 2003 in most cases have been holding the office of captain but now with the All4One, you’re back on the banks of equipment. How have you experienced this change?
When I got called to make the team All4One, I didn’t hesitate a second. Having the opportunity to sail and work with all team members (I think I’m the only one who has not been to America’s Cup), is a luxury that makes me feel very proud that they thought about me. Today the world crisis has greatly reduced the number of teams, and the few that still alive have a very high level.

Working under the command of All4One’s captain Paolo Bassani (official Prada bow the last three seasons as well as twice around the world) is one of the best experiences. Working with him, means learning every day, I’m very proud.

11) What do you think of the Spanish Olympic sailing team? Spain always grabs a few medals, where do you think that we have more options?
Spain is a world power in sailing, and more specifically in Olympic sailing. The results prove it, I hope at least we get 4 medals, it’s a shame that a sport that gives us the most medals has so little support from the government.

12) Which dreams do you have left to fulfill?
Uffff! a lot …. but I guess professionally, to make a Volvo and America’s Cup.

13) Finally, is the first web aboattime.com of yacht 100% online. What do you think of yacht charter? Do you have a favorite destination to recommend to our users?
I know very well the marine industry as sailor, and as boatbuilder at present, in the past, I have been head post-sales at Starfisher and delegate of Ronautica at the port of Combarro.

I always argue that the best alternative is to rent, as the average cost of maintaining a boat is very high in proportion to the free time available; an owner of 35 feet can spend about 5000 € a year just in mooring and patent (not counting the value of the boat) I think that for such money you can rent a great boat without any other worries.

As a recommendation, for me, the best is the island of Sardinia, without neglecting our Balearics, which are great. Another good site or of the best sailing are the Rias Baixas!