Just after the Snipe Spanish Championship, fulfilled with success, Álvaro Munáiz and Víctor Pérez returned to Madrid to rest for a while before going to Gijón where they will start a hard training program to prepare for the World Championship in Rio de Janeiro. Today we met Álvaro at the aBoatTime office where he told us about his adventures and difficulties faced during the Snipe Spanish Championship.

We thought it would be interesting to ask him some questions in a different way, not common for in normal interviews. Let’s see the way of thinking of the World Cup participant.

Álvaro’s optimism caught our attention right from the off. Despite the fact he got the 10º place, he came back from Melilla (the venue of the Snipe Spanish Championship) in a great mindset.

Here you can read his light hearted, positive comments about all things sailing.

aBoatTime champeon

aBoatTime champion

  • How would you celebrate your victory if you finish among the first three boats in Rio?

-If I’m on the podium, the first thing I’d do would be to get a tattoo with Rio 2013. It’s a unique and unforgettable experience, who knows if I have a chance to repeat it in the future. Yes, without any doubts, it’ll be my first reaction.

  • Which boat would you buy if you had infinite money? Or 3 boats maybe? And why?

-Well, I’d buy a Persson, we are sailing on this kind of boats right now and it goes well. I personally have a Proctor that in its day was ok but things are changing all the time. So, with a lot of money at my disposal, my ultimate choice would be a Persson.

  • What’s your favorite boat brand? Or a top-3? Tell us why.

-Persson for sure, with the sails Pires de lima. In fact we released them in Melilla and they were simply perfect.

  • What’s your favorite boat? Or a top-3? Why?

-Oh that’s not a difficult question. Without doubts my favorite boat is  the one of my sailing partner Victor. Even though it’s not a new boat, we have got used to sailing on it and we can really trust it because it’s a stable and seasoned boat.

  • Which boat(s)  would you like to own? It can a boat of any period. 

-In fact, there are plenty of boats that I like, so, I’d choose several according to the brand, color and the shape.

  • What is your favorite sailing destination? Or 3 favorite? Tell us why.

-The first destination would be to sail in el mar menor because of its weather conditions and small waves. La Coruña also draws me back, I started there and I’ll always keep good memories about that place regardless of the huge waves.

  • What’s your favorite destination for sailing vacations and why?

-I had a dream of navigating from Galicia to Argentina and, fortunately, it’ll come true soon. At the same time, I’d like to discover the route around Sardinia and Corsica, which is becoming more and more trendy and I’ve heard about the magnificent local beaches.

  • Explain why you like regattas. Why does this competition attract your attention?

-To be able to participate, to compete in any regatta is a real privilege. You can sail, meet people from different parts of the world, make friends, and experience new customs. Finally, it’s fun, not just a sailing competition.

  • In which regatta categories would you like to participate? Why?

-I’d love to go sailing on a cruiser even though there is less effort needed. I’ve already participated in such regattas but, to my mind, it’s more suitable for older people or for those that have sailed enough in the dinghy class.

  • Could you mention some advantages and disadvantages of working with aBoatTime?

-The first thing that comes to mind is that I’m surrounded by people who think in a similar way. It’s really great when you and your colleagues are passionate about the sea and the nautical world. Everything is worked out around the sailing. And I honestly don’t know what to say about the negative factors. So far I haven’t faced any troubles and I don’t think I will in the future.

  • How do you see your development with aBoatTime? What would you like to do?

-To be honest, I enjoy being useful in any task I have and I’m always ready to help anyone. Furthermore, as far as I can see the consecutive progress of our company, I believe I can contribute a lot and we can achieve a more serious position in the sector. This is the precise moment in which to work hard in order to go ahead all together.

  • Do you like sailing on motorboats as well? Why?

-Yes, I like it but it’s not the same as a sailboat. It’s not possible to compare the two. I see a motor more suitable for those who don’t know how to enjoy real sailing. Of course everyone has their own preferences; however, I go for a sailboat.

  • What makes aBoatTime special?

-The name says everything, it’s the unique boat charter company operating 100% online that makes yacht reservation much easier and convenient for the clients.

  • Which competition(s) would you like to win? And why?

-I’d really appreciate an opportunity to finish the World Championship in Rio without any unpleasant feelings as happened after the Snipe Spanish Championship when we found out that we lost the 6º place which was right in our grasp. As for a Championship I’d like to win, I’m thinking about the inaugural trophy in the minor sea that is celebrated every year in December.

  • Do you have any other hobbies connected with the sea?

-My hobbies besides sailing include diving, surfing (learning) and canoeing.

aBoaTime on the Snipe Spanish championship 2013, Melilla

aBoaTime on the Snipe Spanish championship 2013, Melilla