His Spaniard is considered as one of the best maritime photographers in the world, he has covered major events like America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race. Nevertheless, he admits to aBoatTime about having a deep desire to photograph the Olympic Games. Thanks to him we can enjoy the grandeur of sailing, with spectacular snapshots, full of expression and content.

Sailing photographer Nico Martinez

How did you become a photographer?

From a young age I started making photographs of my trips. Since I liked it very much, I decided to enroll in the school of Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos in Palma de Mallorca. From there, I began to work as a photographer.

What sporting event that you have not covered, would you like to cover?

In fact, I would like to cover the Olympics. I have not had the opportunity to do it, but without hesitation I would really like to cover an event of such scope, for its greatness, variety and importance.

What event that you have photographed has impacted you the most and why?

Certainly, it was the edition of the America’s Cup in New Zealand. Being the official photographer of the Spanish team, gives you a rush. It was one of the most intense and important things I have done in my life, for the magnitude and responsibility I had.

Which peers have inspired you the most?

The Italian Carlo Borlengui, whom I met in Antibes (France) during a project we did there. He is one of the great masters of photography, a great inspiration for any photographer. He is certainly a landmark in photography.

Do you remember experiencing a difficult time in your profession?

I was not exactly doing my work. With a group I went by boat from Palma to the mythical Nioularge in Saint Tropez. When going down to Palma, we swallowed a mistral of 40 knots. To conclude, we spent two days wet, without any sleep or food. Those were very difficult and stressing times.

Although it is difficult to describe, which one is your favorite photo?

I don´t have a favorite photo. I have been doing my job for several years and I have had many good pictures. I cannot highlight one in particular. On the contrary, I have many favorites.

Which one has been your most rewarding moment?

When we qualified to the semifinals in the Copa America of Valencia 2007, I was the photographer of the Spanish Challenge. That was one of the most important moments for Spanish sailing, being part of that was really gratifying.

Apart from competitive sailing, what other activities have you photographed?

Aside from sailing, I have photographed many things like engine, cuisine and interior design. Regardless, sailing is one of my passions and my specialty.

Aside from photography, do you like sailing during your free time? If so, what places do you like to visit?

Of course I like to sail, otherwise this job would be torture.

It is a pity that because of my job I do not usually go on a sailing holiday. But I would love to do it more often, especially to go out in the Bay of Palma one of my favorite places.

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