Today we bring you an aBoatTime blog about a professional with extensive experience in the nautical world: Jose María Monjo.

Jose Maria Monjo Doctor graduated as Industrial Engineer and then worked as a professional until 1972 when he devoted his engineering skills to his passion for sailing, a hobby that came from his family. Therefore, he participated in most nautical competitions that were held, with wins in races like Admiral’s Cup in Giraglia. His early career focused on the design and shipbuilding and in 1982 he created Bricomar, selling domestic and foreign vessels such as Jeanneau, Irwin, Grand Soleil, X-Yachts, Moody and currently Dufour.

How have you seen the Barcelona Boat Show this year?

The influx of public interest has created a noticeable improvement over recent years at the show, which used to have a tendency to end in a crisis. As for infrastructure, the Boat Show, is reducing major deficiencies in the overall organization, highlighting excessive improvisation, lack of minimum services and scant attention to the professionals. The Boat Show requires greater influence of industrial and nautical professionals and minimize impositions of council and other institutions.

Do you see any signs of recovery in boat sales? What signs?

The level of sales to individuals has seen some increase, however there are no signs of having entered a stable progression. An increase in boat sales to foreigners by the influence of our magnificent sailing destinations and also a significant increase in boats for charter is noticeable.

What did you think was the most positive aspect of this year’s Hall of Barcelona?

Nothing to write to the organization of the show and the greater interest in buying customers.

What made you decide on the Dufour brand? Which of Dufour’s qualities would you highlight the most?

We like Dufour due to its dedication to craft, which is the sector where we are more identified. The organization is dynamic, has a real passion for sailing and is currently designing avant-garde boats compared with other shipyards. The current designs are of good quality at competitive prices and are large with many details and bright, functional interior spaces. As for navigation, they are fast, stable and are excellently maneuverable and comfortable.

If you did not have any financial constraints, which three ships would you buy and why?

When buying a boat, it depends what you want to do with it. It also depends on where you sail, navigation is very different on a summery Mediterranean cruise or ocean voyages and as there are tropical areas and destinations with extreme latitudes and stronger winds. In the Mediterranean you sail comfortably Dufour 40 or 50 model, on bigger trips, it’s required to adapt to the trip and sail in a longer vessel, that’s more than 50 feet.

What is your favorite area to navigate?

Sailing in the Balearics, Greece and the South Pacific.

barcos Dufour en Barcelona