On your yacht charter holidays you will enjoy the beautiful nature, fresh air and  special maritime spirit. Do you want something more?…Well, especially for all the exquisite sailors aBoatTime offers the following entertainment instruction in order to provide you with some more ideas how to enjoy your boat rental at the maximum level. How? Just go through the post to find out more.

Yacht charter holidays

  1. Make a story album with your wonderful photos in order to tell your friends about your unforgettable journey and make them want to join you the next time when you rent a boat.

  2. Get a healthier look thanks to specially designed programs of fitness aboard. Exercise in a way to keep your shape even while your boat trip.

  3. Dedicate some time to get a tan and you’ll become a gorgeous sailor (especially if you follow our advice №2). Moreover, you can follow the latest trends in the maritime industry to be in vogue anytime and everywhere.Sunbathing on board a sailboat

  4. Eating on-board also matters! So, on your request you can hire a chef and plan a menu for your trip. Additionally, you can learn some new recipes and discover more about different local dishes.

  5. Make a picnic and enjoy the amazing views outside.

  6. Normally sailors are such funny guys! They won’t leave you indifferent about the nautical world and undoubtedly you will feel more enthusiastic when they share their passion with you. By the way, some of them can tell you something from their own experience or just a personal story full of interesting and unbelievable facts. It seems that they all romantics in their souls.

  7. Well, if you are on-board with your couple, why don’t you imagine you are alone in the whole world and are going to discover a paradise at the world’s end. Such thoughts add something exciting and special, don’t they? A couple enjoying yacht charter vacation

  8. As about the sleepless nights, just come on the deck and start counting the stars in the clear night sky. This activity brings more peace and calmness, that works better than sheep counting for countless hours.

  9. Enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset and get an inspiration to do something you were planning for a long time. For example, you may desire to read a particular book but you didn’t have enough time, or learn to play a musical instrument, or simply to clarify your thoughts and make some plans. Being on a board of a yacht charter, you’ll have time to fulfill and bring to the end these activities in your “to do” list. Finally, that will definitely boost your mood and  help you to feel even happier. Activities on board a yacht

  10. Customize your route. For example, you may be keen on the ancient architecture, so it’s up to you to mark all the interesting  places for you on a map and enjoy the adventure. It can be really exciting if you are travelling with children and prepare a special thematic itinerary in advance.

  11. Learn some basics of foreign languages while sailing. Afterwards, you’ll please the locals with your knowledge and make some friends more easily.

  12. To continue the topic, you can learn some nautical vocabulary and surprise your friends after you’re back.

  13. Practice some yoga and find the harmony in everything around. For more advanced levels, meditation and some spiritual practices are also useful.

  14. Feel yourself back in time and forget about existence of the Internet. We agree that it’s hard, but a periodical disconnection is a great thing!

  15. Instead, bring some games on-board. They can be competitive, noncompetitive or both. For example, some cards or other board games will diversify your range of activities. At the same time, you can organize a cocktail party with degustation or some more extravagant options if your companions agree of course.

Now you have a wide choice of options. Here everything depends on your fantasy and preferences. Are you keen on something already? Or probably you can add some ideas to our list? aBoatTime wishes you a pleasant yacht charter trip!