When somebody says he wants to go on a sailing trip, the majority of people start to doubt whether it worth it or not. Precisely, the hesitation arises because of the lack of awareness how to rent a boat. In the World Wide Web there are plenty of specialized resources concerning the topic, however, it was resulted that it’s quite hard to find something that could totally solve the problem and become the unique solution. That’s why here we, aBoatTime, reveal the mystery by commenting the most frequent asked questions and uncertainty of our customers. Because everything matters and we want to provide people not only with interesting but also useful content while you are considering an opportunity of the yacht charter or just keen on navigation. Common, it’s fun, really. Moreover, if all details are clear. This information is based on our personal customer support experience, thus, it’s really up-to-date.

Yacht charter tips

Wonderful sailing trip on a Jenaneau boat

  • Normally a minimum boat charter period is a week. We are constantly receiving many requests to charter a boat for shorter time and always answer that one week is a standard rental term due to the accepted norms and regulations of the majority of ports with whom we collaborate. However, in some special cases we can organize something non-standard like, for example, a 5-days sailing trip. Additionally, weekly yacht charter tend to be a bit less expensive in comparison with the cost of a daily rental. However, you always have a choice because, for instance, motorboats can be rented by days.

  • Boat rentals tend to start on Saturday. It means that if you rent a boat this day for a week, you have to return it on Friday the next week.

  • If you are not an expert of the nautical world and don’t know a lot about the wide variety of the yachts models, we definitely advise you to have a look of their range or at least to go through the main categories. It won’t take a long time. You can do it while you are drinking your coffee somewhere in a cozy café or waiting for a flight in the airport. Wherever you are, just dedicate some minutes to do a small research, we will do the rest. To mention, the yachts mainly differs according to the model (producer, line) and the year when it was launched. This step will be highly beneficial for the both parties because you would be more aware about the sphere in general and we’d be able to place on our website the most relevant boat models according to your needs and desires. Finally, you would search for something you are familiar with and make a reservation online even quicker and easier.

  • If you are considering an opportunity to rent a motorboat, please keep in mind its fuel consumption per hour. Remember that the fuel prices go apart from the basic rental price. Anyway, no worries! In a case of questions and doubts you can contact our sales support specialists that will help you to have an idea of the prices in general and will provide you with the final sum.

  • Please keep in mind that a boat charter is NOT the same as a car rental, even though it can seem very similar from the first glance. Several administrative processes and documents preparation require time. Normally, it’s not a complicated process mainly because you can do everything online which is very convenient. However, sometimes it’s  less time, sometimes a bit more. We highly appreciate your understanding for this point.

  • When all details are already agreed and important decision is taken, the payment question appears. Due to the previous observation about the uniqueness of a boat charter, it’s comprehensive that such kind of rentals demands a security deposit. It’s a common practice worldwide. Of course everything depends on a boat type, its price and a set of characteristics, however, reckon on about 1500 € on average. You will definitely receive it back if you return a boat in the same conditions as it was before the rental.

At aBoatTime we hope that now you have fewer doubts and you are better prepared for such unforgettable experience as a sailing trip. Well-informed means forearmed. Well, and are you ready to sail now?

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