We are planning a yacht charter holiday! But what kind of boat should we choose – a sailboat, catamaran, motor boat or a gulet? Find out which type of the boat  fits best your and your travel companion needs.

The choice of a recreational boat is not always an easy task. Finding the right boat depends on many factors, and it is not the to sail together with your family or your friends, make a long trip or a short one, to have experience in sailing or not. For this reason, at aBoatTime we would like to give some tips to make your choice easier.

The first step for choosing the right boat is to be aware how many people will be going  to a yacht charter trip.

Sailing catamarans

Normally, catamarans offer more space and can accommodate more people than standard sailing boats, therefore if you are going for your charter vacation with quite a large group of friends (8-12 people) you should look for catamarans. The larger space makes catamarans a truly comfortable option for cruising, which is one of the greatest advantages of renting a multihull boat. The central lounge area provides plenty of space and lets you feel convenient even when all crew members come together. Another worth mentioning pros are the safety since catamaran two hulls decrease swaying and fast navigation possible because of their light weight.
A catamaran will be an excellent choice for those sailors who don’t have previous experience as well as for the ones who feel a bit unsafe when sailing a monohull.

Catamaran yacht charter

Monohull sailing boats

Monohulls provide easy navigation, suitable for a group of friends or family members. They also take less docking and anchoring space, thus leading to a smaller cost, which is another great advantage of monohull boats. Sailboats can be of various lengths and cabin layouts, allowing to host different number of people. The average length for a recreational sailing boat ranges within 40-45 feet (12-14m), providing enough space to enjoy sailing with a family or a small group of friends (6-8 people). The longer are crossings and the greater number of guests, the longer boat you should look for. As for navigation, it is more dynamic and flexible than sailing a catamaran.

Sailing boat charter


Gulets or schooners are classic sailboats, spacious and comfortable, but they require greater expertise and experience when navigating it. For this reason, gulets are usually chartered with a captain and a crew.
When renting a gulet, take into account that the captain and the crew normally will sleep on board, which results in less privacy. Thanks to their larger size, gulets can easily host groups of 8-12 people in the comfortable en-suite cabins. Sailing itself is quiet and relaxing.



If you love speed and feeling the wind in your face, you will definitely enjoy the experience you can get by renting a motor boat. Motorboats are very comfortable, well equipped and great for island hopping, although their cabin layout normally can host less people for overnight stay.

Motorboat charter

The number of people yachts can accommodate depends also on whether they all spend the night on board, since the maximum daytime capacity usually is greater than the interior layout allows for sleeping.


If you do not want to spend all your holiday time on a yacht, but would rather just make a short trip along the coast, a rigid inflatable boat or so called RIB will be a suitable option. RIBs are small and light boats, equipped with a motor and usually rented for a single day or for several days. Depending on the boat model, their capacity can reach up to 12 people on board, and the price is very affordable. Besides that, some RIB models can be handled even without a license.

Rent a RIB

When choosing other yacht charter type, if you don’t hold the necessary sailing certification and experience, you will need to hire a captain or skipper. Even if you have got some previous sailing experience, but don’t feel safe with your maneuvering skills, we recommend to hire a professional skipper, who will guide you through the best sailing routes and itineraries. Read more about skipper’s role here.

Now when you know what type of boat suits you best, visit aBoatTime.com and book your desired boat. The lack of the sailing licence is not anymore a problem, because all the boats on aBoatTime website can be rented also with a skipper who will make sure your yacht charter vacations is a memorable experience. Read more about the renting a boat with a skipper.