If you’ve ever visited Amsterdam, for sure you have plenty of memories and emotions about this place. For some people, the Dutch capital represents unlimited fun and extraordinary leisure, for somebody it’s famous due to the endless cafes and bars, but for us, in aBoatTime, one of the most interesting features about the city is the amount of houseboats that attracts your attention while you are discovering its wonderful channels. That’s why we’ve decided to share our passion with you and dedicate the post to this unusual housing.

A bit of history:

Some centuries ago houseboats were suggested as a measure to solve a problem of the lack of housing. Then, step by step, they became an emblematic symbol of Amsterdam; moreover, nowadays there is a high demand for them not only as a touristic attraction but providing a comfortable accommodation. To mention, the fact that some of them served as cargo vessels (barges) in the past makes a stay there really unique and exciting. Roughly speaking there are above 10.000 houseboats in the Netherlands. Around a quarter of them are located in Amsterdam also taking into account its suburbs. For all those who prefer neoteric housing, there are some modern boats as well. The Dutch government takes several protective measures to stimulate conservation of the historical float in good conditions.

Houseboats - a symbol of the Dutch capital

Houseboats – a symbol of the Dutch capital

More about houseboats:

Being near Amsterdam’s channels, you will find a lot of great examples. At the same time if you go a bit further, there are some houseboats along the Amstel River and ancient docklands. Some houseboats were transformed into hostels (B&B type), whereas the rest of them can be rented in the same way as an apartment.

Choosing a houseboat accommodation provides many advantages such as wonderful views and privacy. Only staying on a board, you’ll be involved into the charming atmosphere of the centuries-old Amsterdam. Normally, the boats are very light and spacious. Also, it’s more probably that you’ll feel like at home there than in an impersonal hotel. Adventurous fans will be delighted with the idea to undertake such unusual experience where there are so many opportunities to enjoy perfect vacations.

Practically all houseboats are totally equipped with everything necessary for your stay, for example, you can cook, take a bath (or even jacuzzi), watch multichannel TV or enjoy a high-speed Internet connection.  Some people have concerns about the heating system, well, there is always a special system that makes possible to feel comfortable all year round.  All the boats have a private entrance and a place to take sunbaths.

Another plus of these apartments is that they are very romantic. Just imagine your vacations in a couple waking up because of the sunshine reflected on a channel and going to sleep with the water splashing.

Houseboats in amsterdam

Houseboats of different types

Well, comfort, coziness and privacy…these are the factors waiting for you on a board of a houseboat. We, in aBoatTime, are convinced that sailing can be transformed into a lifestyle where every day you have an opportunity to enjoy that you like the most – be aboard and feel the freedom. We love it and it is definitely worth to try this unforgettable experience.