A chinese worker builds minisubmarines which he sells for 30.000 dolars.

Once upon a time, in Wuhan, China,  there was a man who got fired from the textile fabrik where he used to work. So, as imagination is often nourished by need, this Chinese man decided to start constructing submarines in his own house.

Who were the potential customers he was thining about when, just having been laid off, he started building these artefacts? It seems he was thinking of sailors, who use submarines to route zones; this way, they avoid having to pay professional divers.

After several initially failed attempts (the first submarines he built actually sank), the Chinese entrepreneur continued making strong efforts to keep going. Thanks to his persistence, the submarine he sells today has enough space for two people, can dive up to 30 metres, and develop the speed of 20 km/h for 10 hours. It also includes emergency reserves for oxygen as well as a waterproof video camera.

Now he has fromed a team of more than 10 people working on submarine constraction. However, their limits don’t allow them to construct more then one submarine per month, but the team’s intention for the future is to work full time only on making sumbarines.

Source: http://cjmp.cnhan.com