Known as “The Islands of the eternal spring”, the Canary Islands have become a magical corner to enjoy the sun throughout the year. Sailing fans will find perfect weather conditions, mainly speaking about the sea and wind, along with some modern high quality sports facilities. At the same time, there you will have a chance to try scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing and carrying out different excursions to discover local treasures.

Sailing in Tenerife during the summer

While the price of a holiday grows considerably when the summer approaches, at the Canary Islands you can find good deals for boat rentals even in August. The Islands enjoy exceptional weather conditions throughout the year, which makes them a popular destination during the spring and autumn. Therefore, the islands aren’t as full during the summer months, making a yacht charter cheaper in comparison with other popular tourist destinations.

From aBoatTime, we recommend you to take advantage of the good prices and book a sailing holiday in Tenerife to discover the most amazing beaches escaping the mass tourism. Amazing sunsets, anchoring in the charming coves or throwing yourself into summer, are only some of the experiences this place has to offer.

Without any doubt, if you choose sailing in the Canary Islands, you’ll find a lot of interesting things! Also, the Canary Islands are one of the best places for snorkeling worldwide. So, why not host a fancy party aboard or watch some whales from your deck. A hotel won’t offer the same experience! You’ll discover wonderful surroundings being on-board a sailing boat or catamaran and you’ll be at one with your environment: separate yourself from the stress of daily life.

It's all about sailing!

It’s all about sailing!

The Day of the Canary Islands

To discover the Canary Islands, visiting Tenerife during one of the traditional festivities is a whole new experience. Take advantage of the good weather conditions the islands offer throughout the year and choose your sailing holidays to take place during these festivities.

The Day of the Canary Islands is celebrated on May 30th in honor of the canary spirit and people. The celebration also commemorates the first session of the Canary Parliament back in 1983 and the people participate with traditional costumes, live folk concerts and lots of other events. You can rent a boat and not only celebrate with the locals but also discover the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, visit the Vulcan El Teide and soak the sun on board your boat.

Climate details

Returning to the climate, what more you should know about the Canary Islands?

From our point of view, it’s quite important to have an idea about the average temperature levels. The Canary Islands enjoy that of 20º which is perfect for a sailing holiday. That’s why this place is chosen by Volvo regatta participants for their training program.

During the winter, the winds are mainly from the Northeast with an average speed of 4 knots and during the summer and spring you can enjoy ideal Wind Conditions to have an incredible sailing experience.

As you can see, Canary islands is an ideal sailing destination any time regardless the season. So, don’t you think that the eternal spring islands are worth discovering?  Lets get the most out of a winter yacht charter and go to the Canary Islands!