There are always several kinds of tastes coupled with the fact that humans never want to stop with what they have and always want something new and different. That is why we want to share with you one of the latest and most innovative inventions for all those sailing devotees.

The HeliCat, whilst it continues being developed in Seattle, the vision of this American design is based on a helicopter supported by two large skis that allow to quickly go through the waves for up to 80 km per hour. The Mercury or Yamaha engines are attachable (70 and 60 hp). Its extensive overall length of 6.5m and beam of 3.05m conveys it multiple uses like sailing, fishing, or doing other activities such as transporting goods, since it has an underlying compartment.

Helicat accommodates up to four people, although the prototype which doesn´t fly still is being perfected, the plan is to extend its cabin for maximum comfort. Similarly, the designers want to reduce 200kilos from the prior Argentinean production based on fiberglass which bestowed it with 775kilos.

There is even a version expecting to attach a paraglide to the ship. In June, when it hits the market starting at €53,000, you can choose its color from white, yellow, red or even add LED lights. And do not worry, you can easily move your Helicat as it can get fastened to your car.

Source: Nauta 360