The German shipyard Hanse presents four new boats at the Cannes Yacht Festival, inspired by water, fire, earth and wind. The new yachts, faster and more luxurious than their predecessors, open up a new perspective for the shipyard and mark a new path forward.

For the design of their boats, after 24 years Hanse continues to bet on Judel / Vrolijk & Co, which are world-renowned for their winning yachts in the America’s Cup. The new models Hanse 348, Hanse 388, Hanse 418 and Hanse 518 fit perfectly to the general conditions of the sea, to allow more stability and comfort during the navigation.

Hanse’s inspiration for modernizing and simplifying the handling of yachts is the four elements. Fire, hot as the sun, was the key to the design of the large hatches, windows, and skylights. Water has helped the new yachts achieve excellent hydrodynamics through balanced oars and stylized L-shaped keels for more support when sailing.

The yachts are equipped with higher masts and larger sails to become faster and achieve shorter engine running times. The shipyard regards earth as a living space and has therefore modernized its interior architecture. Now the possibilities of combining wood and fabrics are endless, and all of them offer more comfort and luxury.

Hanse 548, nominated as European yacht of 2018

Their innovative design captivated the trade press so much that the new Hanse 548 was nominated for the price for the European yacht of the year 2018. This model, 16.22m long and 5.05m wide, shows what a luxury sailboat can look like. It is equipped with a garage for auxiliary boats, a t-top, two additional lounge areas and 12 windows.

Hanse 418

Hanse especially emphasizes its large windows in the bow and the glass surfaces on one side of the stairs leading to the cabin. This boat is 12.41 meters long and 4.17 meters wide and is custom-made.

Hanse 348

This is the smallest yacht, 10.40 m long and 3.55 m wide, but it easily fascinates everyone with its character, which demonstrates luxury and excellent quality. Thanks to the flat structure of the deck and the huge glass façade, it looks sportier than the previous model.

Hanse 388

This yacht, 11.40m long and 3.90m wide, is praiseworthy for its speed. Moreover, thanks to the 6 large windows, there is plenty of natural light in the interior.

The new Hanse models will have their debut at the Cannes Yacht Festival. This event, which brings the main yacht brands together with potential customers, will take place from 12 to 17 September in the port of Cannes. Until then, you can rent our other Hanse models with aBoatTime.