The latest vessel from the German yacht maker Hanse has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for both her guests & captain and crew. With the elegance of her predecessors and the speed typical of German precision engineering, the Hanse 455 is 13.95 metres long, with the largest cockpit of its range.

The yacht maker, hailing from Greifswald, Germany started building sailing yachts in 1990, and since then has developed a number of vessels, such as the Hanse 341 which cross the Baltic sea on their maiden voyages. Since then, the firm has stood out for its reliability and quality of its materials of all its vessels. Hanse’s latest venture is the design of its interiors, in partnership with Judel / Vrolijk & Co whom designed the latest model and shining star of Hanse: the 455.

One of the most surprising features of this model is the layout of the cockpit, being the most spacious and luxurious of its class, which attempts to maintain the comfort of this area with the rest of the vessel. Inside there is a double steering wheel and a teak U-shaped bench. In addition, the rest of the crew is not without the same conveniences, with a countless accessories and applications, designed in fabric and wood which line the workspace. It is without doubt, a boat designed to be enjoyable to sail.

Preview Hanse 455


This model is designed for comfort, it includes a U-shaped sofa on the starboard side, a bench that can be substituted for a table with two swivel chairs and an optional roof which allows you to make the most of the sun and relax during the voyage. The 20 portholes of the Hanse 455 is another way in which the German maker has increased the flow of natural light and the sensation of fresh air on the vessel.

The Hanse 455 has various personalization options, as is common in each of its predecessors; you can choose between 3 or 4 cabins for your guests, with ensuite and the option to incorporate a large luxury bath. You can also choose the size of the keel, either the standard 2.25 metres or the smaller 1.82 metres option.

The first model will leave Hanse’s boatyard this month, and will be presented at the Barcelona Boat Show next October. If this article has piqued your interest in hiring a boat during the holidays, find out more including the full range of boat models and prices at aBoatTime.

  • Length: 13.95 metres
  • Hull length: 13.55 metres
  • Draught: 2.25 metres / 1.82 metres
  • Engine: Volvo D2-55 with 39kW/53 hp
  • Displacement: 11,600kg
  • Water tank capacity: 450 litres
  • Fuel tank capacity: 220 litres
  • Sale price: Starting from 169,000 euros