After the victory of Camper in the leg 9, the final of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 is led by Groupama, followed by Camper, Puma and Team Telefónica.

Although the team CAMPER started the final leg from the last position due to the penalty in the pre-start in Lorient (France), they managed to  arrive first in the finish in Galway (Ireland) at 2:42 pm on July 3 after 37 h 40 min 13 s of competition. 6 min and 58s behind them arrived Groupama, 12 min and 48 s later – PUMA, and after 17 min and 20 s the finish was reached by Telefónica. The last ones arriving in Galway  were Team Sanya at 05:14 h and Abu Dhabi at 5:23 pm.

This first oceanic victory of CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand allowed the team of Chris Nicholson to place themselves in a provisional second place overtaking this position from PUMA and to stand in a six-point lead over them.

Despite the bad weather that accompanied teams during the race, thousands of spectators waited for 6 teams to arrive in the Galway Race Village in order not to miss a single detail of this competition, begun more than eight months ago in Alicante.

While it was enough for Groupama to finish leg 9 in fourth place to secure overall victory, taking the second place clearly confirms they have won the race even if there is still the last in-port race in Galway to come on July 7, where  the last six points of the race will be played to the end. After the results came clear, Franck Cammas, Groupama sailing team skipper, shared his experience in the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12: “It was always my dream just to participate in this race. The first book I ever read was about the Whitbread. Undoubtedly, this is the best thing I’ve ever done. It is the longest and hardest event to win, started badly for us, but everyone of us raised our level. “

Meanwhile Chris Nicholson, the skipper of CAMPER, said:”To be honest, I’m more happy for the rest of the team. I see how much they have striven, and this is the best way how the thank them for their work. This afternoon I took a couple of momentous decisions, and we knew that all the race depended on them. Galway is amazing: it’s two-thirty in the morning, and there is an enormous fleet of spectator boats here. “

Final results of Leg 9

Provisional overall results

1. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand
1d, 13h, 40m, 13s (30 pts)

1. Groupama sailing team, (250 pts
2. Groupama sailing team
1d, 13h, 47m, 11s (25 pts)
2. CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand, (226
3. PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG
1d, 13h, 53m, 01s (20 pts)
3. PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG (220 pts)
4. Team Telefónica
1d, 13h, 57m, 33s (15 pts)
4. Team Telefónica (209 pts)
5. Team Sanya
1d, 16h, 12m, 27s (10 pts)
5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (129 pts)

6. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing
1d, 16h, 21m, 29s (5 pts)

6. Team Sanya (50 pts)