In our previous topics we’ve already mentioned the whole procedure of a boat rental and, probably, from the first glance everything is clear is this subject. However, this time we’d like to specialize more on responsible sailing bringing some more useful advices. They will be helpful dispel the rest of the doubts you may have.

People relaxing on board a rental boat

  • Discuss with a skipper/captain all the route details in advance in order to agree on the final itinerary avoiding controversy and any unclear moments. At the same time, make sure the crew knows your food preferences and special requests (if any) that may include vegetarian, diet or baby meals. If you’re allergic to anything or taking any medicines, this information must be told to your skipper/captain to minimize possible risks and make your boat rental even more enjoyable.

  • Be respectful to the skipper, captain and the rest of the crew. Fulfilling the present rule is essential for your safety first of all and, secondly, the effect here is mutual meaning that it’s more likely that people will respect you more in a case you treat them fair. Moreover, this behaviour adds more value to your personality, shows your enthusiasm and passion for the nautical world without losing your temper. Despite the fact that the main duty of the crew is to satisfy your needs and make you feel as comfortable aboard as possible, remember that they aren’t servants. Be polite and show respect while explaining your ideas with clarity. Just think that these people really want to help you and it’s up to you whether to bend before their suggestions and comments. They are professionals in what they do, so it’d be really nice of you to be thankful, make occasional compliments and share your opinion concerning the sailing trip. Please pay attention that they may have more tasks as it seems because some of them may be invisible for you, that’s why we, in aBoatTime, don’t recommend you to disturb them a lot, but only when there is a real need.

  • In a case of any problem, doubt or suggestion, go directly to the captain/skipper and explain everything with clarity trying to avoid being too emotional or rude. This person is the main figure aboard and the most responsible one. It’s always better to express yourself to make him know what you want and what you feel. It’s all about communications, so make sure you speak the same language meaning that you understand each other perfectly.

Vlacherna monastery at sunrise, Corfu, Greece

Vlacherna monastery at sunrise, Corfu, Greece

  • Trust your skipper/captain. For example, if he suggests to change the initial route, to anchor or simply to stop, don’t disturb him to do so. It means that he’s already evaluated all the possible risks and probabilities and came up with this decision. Moreover, in the majority of times, captains are so experienced that can propose a new route or suggest interesting places for sightseeing that, probably, you’ve never heard about. Just make them take the control over the situation while you will enjoy your yacht charter at the maximum level.

  • Make sure you know safety and behaviour norms aboard, yacht structure basics and further regulations. It’s very important to know in order to be ready to act if something goes wrong. However, according to statistics, there is significantly higher probability to get in a car accident instead. Moreover, all the modern yachts possess the latest safety technologies that, in conjunction with experienced captain and prepared crew, can be a guarantee of the safe yacht charter.

  • Relax and be flexible when it comes to your sailing route. It’s not a case to follow the rules strictly because there are no any frames. Here everything depends on your pace, wind and yacht characteristics, however, aBoatTime advises you to relax and permit some route inclinations. It’ll make your sailing trip special and full of breathtaking emotions where you don’t expect for something to happen at the established time and in the agreed place…Because all the best happens unpredictably! Breath, relax and make you flow.

  • And again, try to do your best to avoid any conflicts. Well, first of all, disagreement aboard doesn’t make sense due to the limited space. Secondly, what for to spoil your sailing vacations? Nobody wants it, then, don’t confront the captain’s opinion or vision of the situation even though you disagree with him. Just think that he does everything for you and your safety and if the weather conditions are not suitable to go in a place you want, it only means that you have to show your understanding and try to find a compromise between what you really want and the reality.

If you follow this brief guide of behaviour aboard, undoubtedly, your yacht charter vacations will become unforgettable, cheerful and simply relaxing. They will bring you more energy and charge you with positive emotions and new forces. Now you know how to get the most out of the boat rental!

Sunset over the sea

Sunset over the sea