Galician coast

Seafood in Galicia is without doubt the chosen ones in all Spain. From the city of Lugo to the popular Rias Baixas, close to Portugal, we can find fresh and high quality seafood while we are sailing the north coast. Galicia has green and wild landscape mixed up with their calm and clean coves and small beaches.

If you are willing to spend your vacation here, be sure you don’t miss the barnacle, a crustacean that is always very difficult to get because it stays on the rocks where waves break. Even if it has a very particular taste it is the king of the crustaceans. The popular cooking clay pots with mussels and small shells are also a must-try. You can have a steam pot with lemon or tomato sauce but also a baked pot. Another popular Galician dish is the octopus made with a special and spicy Galician sauce. Seafood in the Rias Baixas area is tasty and offers you a spoilt for choice: marble crab, crayfish, small crab and large lobsters.

The Costa Brava

Sailing the Costa Brava of Spain, offers you a huge choice talking about gastronomy. You can taste different varieties of fish, made with sauces, bread with tomato, olive oil, garlic and of course the popular alioli sauce, similar to mayonnaise. French beans are cooked with a sort of meat sausage, called butifarra and other cold meats. If you like to have an appetizer at the seaport, ask for fuet with bread and French small snails.

Paella is the most popular dish in Spain but if you would like to eat something similar, ask for a fideuà. It has the same yellow bright color but you will find a type of noodle and not rice. It can be ordered with meat, vegetables, seafood and fish broth. Red paprika, romesco sauce and garlic are the three main ingredients of the culinary tradition of this area.

Una cigala gallega, ejemplo de presentación del marisco con limón.

Small lobster served with lemon in Galicia

Balearic Islands

The harbors of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca are the idyllic places for sailing fans and family or friends who like to enjoy their vacation on their boats. The Balearic Islands are awesome places if you wish to sail and swim in their turquoise waters and enjoy the landscape full of pines. Nightlife can be combined with a great gastronomic experience.

Let’s start with a small seafood or lobster stew while stopping between Mallorca and Menorca and continue with a healthy Majorcan soup. The frito is also a popular dish with vegetables, meat or fish you should try at any charming town. If your sailing destination is going to be Ibiza, don’t miss the tuna fish with pine nuts, eggs, raisins and spices of the island.

To sum up the base of the Islands gastronomy, we can’t forget: Majorcan red sausage, homemade mayonnaise and the spiral shaped pastry of Mallorca; the ensaimada.


Majorca la Seu cathedral view from marina port of Palma

Majorca la Seu Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca.

Valencia and Alicante

These two sailing areas offer the largest variety of Mediterranean cuisine, having paella as the main course. You will be able to try traditional paella from Valencia with its piece of chicken or rabbit with vegetables. Of course paella can be chosen with seafood, yellow or black rice and as a broth with rice too. Stop at any port and have a lovely lunch but try to avoid big harbors.

There is a sweet drink made of tiger nut called horchata, perfect for a dessert or an afternoon snack at a terrace. It is popular in this area so please do not miss it. If you, your family or friends are addicted to candies and sweet dishes, Valencia and Alicante have a large variety of sweets and bread rolls of Arabic inheritance: almonds with honey, the nougat candy of Jijona for Christmas and sugar coat almonds. As last but not least, we recommend you the cocas of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia. Cocas are a bakery good made of flour and filled with crème, chocolate, cinnamon, lemon or ham and cheese.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer as main and traditional dish, a type of potatoes, called papas arrugadas. They are cooked, very small, wrinkled and served with a spicy and red canary sauce, called mojo picón. They are definitively tasty and easy to serve as a starter or appetizer during the entire day. Don’t miss these potatoes during your sailing vacation in Tenerife. The Spanish cold meats are also very tasty in Tenerife together with a lovely seafood dish in a restaurant or on your boat. We can’t finish or holidays in Tenerife without trying a traditional potaje (similar to a casserole) even if the weather is always hot and fantastic.

As last but of course not least, we recommend you to try the most amazing Spanish delicacy: the Spanish jamón serrano. It will be a good idea to have it as an appetizer, lomo, chorizo or with toasts and olive oil!

jamón iberico curado

Jamón ibérico