Galicia is located northwest of Spain between the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean bordering on the west with Portugal. La Coruña, Orense, Pontevedra and Lugo are its provinces but you will find the good harbours the especially in Baiona and Vigo.

Galicia is the land of Spanish seafood and the destiny of travelers who take the Way of St. James to the city of Santiago de Compostela. The cities of Vigo and Coruña are the most populated in Galicia, and offer a lot of activities during your vacation: culture, sport and shopping, without forgetting the amazing landscapes and of course, the wide variety of gastronomy. Galicia offers the best place to charter a boat for a few days or only a weekend and enjoying an amazing time in Spain!


Maybe Galicia is not the Mediterranean or has the landscapes of a Caribbean dream, but it is true that its nature and landscapes are unique: rocky coast, sandy coves, green landscapes and huge cliffs. You will definitely not be disappointed with this Spanish coast. If you really wish to enjoy a nice, calm time, it is good to know that Galicia also has a few islands. The archipelago of the fantastic Cíes Islands in the coast of Pontevedra, the archipelago of the Ons and the Sálvora Islands. You can also sail to the islands of Cortegada, Arosa, the Sisargas and finally the Malveiras.

There are fantastic and unique places to visit during your sailing trip and make time to enjoy the magic of the Galician Islands. The weather in Galicia is not as hot as in the south of Spain and it can often be rainy but the average temperatures are 13º throughout the year. The currents of water in Galicia are ones for real sailors. If you are looking for quiet places, this is what you will find in this area. Gastronomy in Galicia is a “must eat”, famous for its seafood,  in the city or in harbours you will find a variety of fish and seafood in restaurants. Fresh crabs, lobsters, barnacles and the Galician octopus are definitely exquisite. We recommend you  taste clay pots of mussels and clams with white wine of the Rías Baixas region.


 One of the most important cities in Galicia is, without doubt, Vigo. You can enjoy its historic town, discover its coast and explore its magnificent walking routes for fans and lovers of nature. It is possible to visit the city for just a day and enjoy a gastronomic journey, trying all types of seafood such as: crayfish, barnacles, or the famous galician octopus.

Flickr- Jorge Mejía

Flickr- Jorge Mejía

The Cíes islands

The Cies Islands belong to the municipality of Vigo and are easy to reach by boat because they are located, less than 3km away from the coast. You can enjoy the tranquility and exclusivity of the area: swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling are just some great suggestions. We also suggest you visit the National Park that was officially declared an area of great beauty in 1980, due to its flora and fauna. If you rent a sailing boat, it is common to see dolphins, turtles and even whales, accompanying you on your sailing adventure. It is a good idea to moor on the three islands that form the archipelago and enjoy the views from the island of Monteagudo, spend the day in a cove in the island of Faro or try hiking one of the specialized routes. One of the best beaches is the beach of Rhodes, named recently, the most beautiful in the world.

The region of the Rías Baixas

This popular area of Galicia, offers unique landscapes because of the contrast between the fresh waters of its rivers with the blue color of the Atlantic Ocean. Its natural landscapes are chosen by lovers of hiking, camping and adventure sports enthusiasts. His large and white sandy beaches will leave you breathless wherever you decide to tie up your boat. The Rías Baixas offer the largest selection of spas in Spain and its waters are full of minerals and healing qualities that relax the body leaving you feeling like new.

Cíes Islands (Flickr by Felipe Agra)

Cíes Islands (Flickr by Felipe Agra)

After learning a little more about the coast and islands of Galicia, it would be a great idea to rent a sailing boat for a few days or a weekend and get to know the destination better. aBoatTime has a special offer for you: choose a yacht charter in Galicia and sail its waters from 13, 75€ per person. Simply choose your friends or bring your family and get ready for an unforgettable experience.