Balearics Sports Marina Facilities Association (Anade) this Saturday has expressed their satisfaction about the fact that The Balearics Government, according to the new decree, has guaranteed free anchorage in the seagrass  (Posidonia) areas for all boats with a length of up to 12 meters with an exceptions of anchoring in the  SCI (Sites of Community Importance) areas.

Anchoring a sailboat in the Balearic Islands

After the meeting with the counselor of environment of the Balearic Islands government, Biel Company, and the general director of Natural Environment, Neus Lliteras, Anade, a representative organization of 30 recreational ports, indicated that during this meeting Company has assured that the new Plan of the Anchorage and the decree, worked out by his department, will be presented next Monday.

According to the decree, boats longer than 12 meters cannot drop their anchors in the seagrass areas, although it is allowed to do it in the sand or in the water starting from depths where seagrass doesn’t grow anymore because of the lack of light.

In this meeting Anade has asked the counsellor to ensure better coordination among the certain deparments of the Government “in order to combine the economic and environment protection interests in more efficient and sustainable way” as well as in order to avoid the situation when the regulation that affects recreational boating “can be interpreted in the harmful way for tourism during the international forums, like it has happened with the draft version of the anchorage decree.

From his side, the minister has promissed to keep open the dialog with the sector of marinas and invited the representative of Anade to take part in the presentation of the Anchorage Plan of the Balearics. The president of Anade, Cristina Mari, reiterated that “no shipowner wants to cause the demage to the seafloor with an intent”, and in case it happens “it is because of the lack of knowledge”.