Armel Le Cleac’h finishes second, just 3 hours and 17 mins behind after 28,000 miles

Francois Gabart has won the 2012/13 Vendee Globe and smashed the course record by a staggering six days and 53 minutes. The Frenchman sailing Macif, crossed the finish line off Les Sables d’Olonne at 15:18 on Sunday afternoon.

His blistering pace around the world clocked up an average speed of 15.3 knots over 28,646 miles.
In addition to Gabart’s impressive achievement the story of this particular edition of the famous race has been one of what must surely rate as the longest ever match race as Gabart and Armel Le Cleach stuck to each other like glue for the entire trip. Le Cleac’h finished just 3 hours and 17 minutes behind Gabart after 78 days of racing.

Gabart’s Win – Key figures

Longest distance covered in 24 hours: December 10, 545 miles at an average speed of 22.7 knots. Number of rankings with Gabart leading (5 rankings a day): 234
Days spent leading the race: 44 days 20 hours
Les Sables to Equator: 11 days 00 hours 20 min (Jean Le Cam’s 2004-2005 record: 10 days 11 hours 28 min)
Equator to Good Hope: 12 days 03 hours 25 min (JP Dick’s record: 12 day 02 hour 40min)
Good Hope to Cape Leeuwin: 11 days 06 hours 40 min (new record)
Cape Leeuwin to Cape Horn: 17 days 18 h 35 min (new record)
Cape Horn to Equator: 13 days 19 hours
Equator to Les Sables: 12 days 01 hour 37 minutes
Maximum gap between MACIF and Banque Populaire:
Banque Populaire – MACIF: 263.14 miles on November 28
MACIF – Banque Populaire: 273.99 miles on January 14