Celebrities love sailing holidays just as much as the rest of us! In this post we will talk about these destinations preferred by celebrities, why they choose them and which of them you could visit if you decide to rent a boat from aBoatTime!

And who knows, maybe you can share the beach with your favorite actor or enjoy a dinner in a European port town in the same restaurant as Paul McCartney, as you navigate along stunning coastlines on your own boat.

Cala Bassa (Ibiza)


Famous models such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss choose this Ibizan beach to relax on for their holidays. It’s not surprising that they end up falling in love with the island because of the fine sand, turquoise waters and the dense pine forests that make this an incredible destination for a holiday. Close to this beach you can also find the restaurant Downtown, one of the best on the island, which has had famous visitors like Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom.


Saint Tropez


This destination is synonymous with glamor and sophistication. Possessing the characteristic beauty of the Costa Azul, its beaches and ports have had the pleasure of hosting celebrities like Elle McPherson and Johnny Depp. There are few places with better beaches, better location and atmosphere, you’ll find all the comforts you want and need.




Located on the Gulf of Naples in Italy, it is one of the favorite destinations for celebrities. There are many reasons as to why famous names come here every year in order to relax and enjoy some unforgettable days. The beauty of its beaches and coves, the white sand and the tranquil waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea have made this one of the favorite destinations for Leo Messi or Will Smith.

St. Barts


Who wouldn’t want to travel to this Caribbean paradise?

Find an impressive landscape, stunning fine sand beaches and turquoise waters. No wonder some celebrities like Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z have chosen this island to spend their holidays. Swim in the warm waters wherever and whenever you want when you’re on your own rented boat. Relax just like one of the celebrities!



This has become one of the most visited holiday destinations in recent years. And this country has many things to offer. The variety of islands that you can visit, the exotic and vibrant that you can enjoy and its incredible beaches and natural surroundings that make this an exotic place that you can’t miss out on. One of the more famous people to visit Thailand is Leonardo Dicaprio, who already popularized Thailand by starring in the movie “The Beach”. The movie used the Phi Phi islands. Also Kim Kardashian and her family shared their experience of the islands on their reality tv shows.

All of these destinations will make you feel like a star. Experience sailing in the most exotic and beautiful destinations around the world, with the full comfort of living in a luxury boat out at sea. You’ll enjoy some unforgettable days.

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