On June 13th a group of friends from Viajes el Corte Inglés, aBoatTime and some social media icons (@jarahartt, @same0ldshit y @trocken_) took the opportunity to experience a holiday on a boat in Ibiza.


Living on the boat was really interesting and we could see how great it is to go on holiday on a boat. We enjoyed every moment of each day with various activities that this unusual accommodation had to offer: we sunbathed on the deck, swam anytime we wanted, explored coves that were only accessible from the sea, played many water sports, enjoyed lunch and dinner onboard, had drinks with our co-workers both onboard or in a beach bar and of course, we surfed.




In short, the Fam trip was successful: we showed the public a new product through social media and the travel agents Viajes El Corte Inglés.

The moral of the trip was very simple: happiness is not measured by quantity, but by how you achieve that happiness. We think that and we suspect that our partners now think that the best place to go on holiday is now on a boat.


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