Try one of the new trends in watersports, it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s a Subwing! The Subwing consists of two ailerons built out of ABS polymer,  fiberglass or carbon fiber, which has a rope attaching it to the rear end of a boat. The rider holds on to the Subwing and moves the ailerons in order to maneuver. If the rider pushes both ailerons down, he/she will submerge and descend, if the rider pulls the ailerons up, he/she will ascend. If the ailerons are moved one at a time, the rider will rotate left or right, depending on which ailerons are pushed and pulled.

Due to its simple design, the Subwing is easy to control and highly maneuverable, providing a ton of fun for the rider. The speed at which the Subwing should be towed by a boat is between 2 and 4 knots, meaning that any boat can be up for the job, from a motor yacht, to a small dingy. Subwinging while cruising on a sailboat is another fun option to spend the time during those long days at sea.

Its small size and simple design make the Subwing easy to store and transport, while the only required maintenance is waxing its surface once in a while, in order to minimize the water drag and maximize performance. The price of the Subwing depends on its composition, the cheapest one being made out of ABS polymer and costing $295.00, while the most expensive model is made out of carbon fiber and costs $895.00.

If you are looking for a new refreshing and fun activity while at sea, inexpensive and easy to learn, the Subwing is for you.  It is one of those items that every adventurous sailor must have on the boat. If you are looking to rent a yacht in order to have your sailing adventures, then visit our website and browse through our large variety of boats and destinations, and don’t hesitate to contact us!