In aBoatTime we stick up to the idea that sailing is for every person and every taste. This is why we suggest to you ideal plans for relaxing, partying, exploring the seabeds or living an exciting and windy adventure.

Of course, if you are going to spend a week on a boat, you don’t need to choose only one of these plans, you have plenty of time for all of them and maybe in your wardrobe, plenty of clothes. If not, ¡Be prepared! then you will enjoy 110% of your vacation with the least inconveniences as possible.

The conditions you have to be prepared for are: the sun, the wind, the mosquitoes, the boat and, the most important, the style. Gill or West Marine are brands that specialize in sailing gear; they have clothes and accessories for every kind of sailing trip and some that are multi-purpose for when you embark without knowing what sort of adventure you are heading to. They know how to make comfortable and adaptable gear with an aesthetic design.

If you want to return to work looking like new: relaxed and tanned, you should think not only of a comfortable swimsuit or bikini, because you will be wearing it all day long, but also of a long sleeved top, best if it’s UV proof, with a short collar that can cover your neck. This way your perfect tan will not be ruined. They are comfortable in the cold or sun because they are made specially for this unpredictible activity. Being of soft material, they give you freedom of movement, and they regulate your temperature while protecting you from the wind or an excess of sun rays. This will help you avoid spots, wrinkles and skin cancer.

If you are destined to relax and not to pursue the rough winds, you might want to look more nautical with a pair of Sperry Top Siders, or feel comfortable with your colored Crocs. By the way, did you know that Crocs were originally invented for sailors? Although, in rough windy connditions they might cause some slips. If you are in fact in the pursuit of adventure, the best will be to take neoprene water shoes or boots with rubber non-slippery soles. Be careful to take non markable footwear; some boat owners won’t allow you to take specific kinds of shoes, or even Top Siders, in order to protect the surface from marks. Therefore, we recommend you to ask him first.

Dress for the adventurous sailing

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Thinking of taking the opportunity to help around in the sailing tasks and learning how to do it yourself? Take a pair of sailing or biking gloves. They will keep the cold away and protect your hands from calluses. Also a windproof and water resistant jacket. If you wear one, you can have underneath any kind of clothing you want.

If you care about remaining young and beautiful, you should also consider taking a hat. Maybe a pretty one made of straw; or a Columbia UV proof hat that protects you better, is more comfortable and better adjusted to your head, so you feel secure every time you feel a gust of wind. Get a pair of good sunglasses, not the cheap ones from a market stand. The reflection of the sun on the water and on a white boat’s deck can really harm your eyes. You can get a sportive type or use your own stylish ones, but make sure that they have UV protection. Remember to get a leash you don’t lose them; some even have tiny floating devices in case they decide to dive into the sea.

Wear a strong sunscreen and renew it every four hours. For your face, you can get one in gel from ProZone or a brand like Avene or Vichy that are strong enough but not greasy and won’t give you pimples. You can even get one with a touch of makeup color. For the body, we have discovered that the ones that protect you the best and for longer, are the waterproof ones for kids like the Banana boat or Hawaiian Tropic. You will still be able to get a great tan color, but by staying young and beautiful.

Something that the kids will love is Zynka, the maximum protection sunblock with bright colors and a strong consistency that lasts all day.

Zynka, sun protection cream for children

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Also get a mosquito repellent, especially during the summer. We recommend you to purchase an environmentally friendly one with natural ingredients, this way you will reduce your ecological footprint when you dive into the sea or as you sail on board Nature’s favorite means of transport.

If you are not a full-time sailor, we know that you might not want to spend a lot on clothes that you will use only for a week, or, if you love your experience, one week per summer! So you can improvise by taking clothes and accessories from your own wardrobe. They might not be as complete as a sailing brand’s but they will definitely make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Just make sure they share as many characteristics as possible of the listed above.

For more information about what to take to a sailing trip, visit aBoatTime’s FAQ’s.