The fact that Dubrovnik is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is no coincidence. Its honey colored streets, its gorgeous medieval walls as well as the modern part of the city make Dubrovnik shine above the Dalmatian coast seducing the travelers who aim to discover it.

How to get to Dubrovnik?

Since Dubrovnik is a Croatian port, it is possible to visit it by ferry and other types of vessels from the different Croatian cities such as Bari or Split. If you want to get into Dubrovnik by air, the best option is the large airport that is located in the Cilipi municipality, southeast of Dubrovnik. In addition there are a number of bus routs that connect Dubrovnik with many other European cities. Driving your own or a rental car is always an option.

Dubrovnik’s old city

The old city is known for its fortifications and for the beautiful monuments that it has inherited from the middle ages, and the renascence. It is accessible through three entrances: the gate of Pila, the gate of Ploce and the gate of the Clock. Once inside, you can take a tour of the fortifications that offers spectacular views of the sea. If you want to visit some historical monuments, you can visit the cathedral of Dominica, the Franciscan monastery, the Revelin fortress and the Onofrio fountain. Don’t forget to take a walk through the marina and the Placa, the city’s main street.

The modern Dubrovnik

The modern city is home to the port that hosts the cruise liners that make a stop in Dubrovnik in their circuits through the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. This port is also the starting port for trips to the neighboring islands of Lapad and Lokrum. All of these islands have beautiful beaches where one can practice a variety of water sports. Modern Dubrovnik is home to many 5 star hotels, providing a nice place to stay for all those who want to discover everything that Dubrovnik has to offer; it is a great destination for a sailing vacation!