Turkey is a country rich of important historical events, charming natural sites and cheerful people. One single visit is not enough to fully understand the way it is. That’s why being captured by its authentic beauty and welcoming environment, you will definitely want to come back. In our opinion, the best way to discover the country and bring variety into your vacations is to rent a boat in Turkey.

Where exactly? Here we propose you the top-3 destinations that won’t leave you indifferent and will transform your yacht charter in Turkey into truly unforgettable experience.


Bodrum - the Turkish paradise

Bodrum – the Turkish paradise

Sun, sea and history – that’s all about this place. It’s a city where everybody feels like at home. Its inviting atmosphere, freedom and flexibility are ones of the main characteristics of Bodrum. Moreover, it provides different vacations options to satisfy different requirements. For instance, this city is equally perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the tranquility and, simultaneously, meets the needs of more active tourists in search for entertainment and fun. Craziness in conjunction with peacefulness…an ideal mix, isn’t it?

At the same time, Bodrum has much more things to offer than it may seem from the first glance. It’s a center of art and trade. Being located along the extended shore, Bodrum is easy reachable from the sea that permits to anchor your yacht nearby and go to discover its wonders. It’s a place where tradition interlaces with the modernity that creates a feeling of a fairytale.

Well, we assume that Bodrum can be called a “Turkish pearl” due to its uniqueness that consists of the perfect climate, historical heritage, leisure activities and endless fun. Not without reason this city was compared with St. Tropez. So, rent a boat in Bodrum and find out whether it’s true for you or not.

The best things to do in Bodrum:

  1. Visit Tuesday Market
  2. Dance at the Halikarnas disco
  3. Amaze yourself in the Bodrum castle
  4. Enjoy Jeep safari
  5. Discover Ephesus


Didim vacation area

Didim vacation area

Interesting fact about Didim is that it was the home place for one of the most famous oracles of antiquity. Probably that’s why there is a huge amount of temples and sanctities that you may visit. It’s a land of legends and myths that you’ll discover just after you step on the local ground. This city is encountered on the Aegean sea in front of the Bodrum peninsula that makes it possible to visit both of them within the one yacht charter.

Local mild Mediterranean climate attracts plenty of tourists on a regular basis. In summer the population doubles due to its growing popularity as a high class resort. Its warm winter weather is another plus to make a visit while you enjoy your sailing vacations along the Turkish coastlines. Didim’s natural sandy beaches with the charming surrounding landscapes, create a feeling of a dream destination that will make you forget about the reality.

The best things to do in Didim:

  1. Try snorkeling, scuba diving or windsurfing
  2. Immerse in the world of pleasure while visiting a Turkish bath and hammam
  3. Discover excitement of hiking
  4. Find out the best Turkish dishes in one of the local restaurants
  5. Take some great photos of the surroundings


Ancient ruins in Kusadasi

Ancient ruins in Kusadasi

This city is one of the most popular holidays destinations in Turkey. It’s located in the western part of the country in about 90 km to the south from Izmir. Kusadasi is an ideal place for any person interested in sightseeing. There you will definitely find what to do. For example, you can stroll over the city center or go to explore the ancient ruins. After several hours dedicated to it, a nice tasty ice-cream will help you to recuperate your forces and continue your sailing adventure. There you can find a set of different beaches and water activities such as volleyball, windsurfing and water skiing. On the lively boulevard there is a huge set of fancy restaurants and nice cafes with the local specialty – fresh and delicious seafood.

The best things to do in Kusadasi:

  1. Visit the port and contemplate a beautiful sunrise and wonderful boats
  2. Discover the differences between Kusadasi beaches
  3. Remember your childhood in its amazing waterpark
  4. Have a drink at one of its charming terraces
  5. Relax while your horse safari

That’s it. Now you are aware about the best options for your sailing vacations in Turkey. Each of the destinations has its own charm and authentic spirit. Which of them suits your needs better? Well, it’s up to you. Why not to combine them in your sailing route? This way you could compare similarities and differences between these Turkish corners and choose your favourite.

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aBoatTime wishes you a pleasant boat rental in Turkey!