One of the most important aspects when you are thinking to rent a boat is a port. At the end, we have to arrive there to step on a board, that’s why an easy access becomes important along with the optimal facilities and an ability to bring all the necessary to make our adventure as good as possible. We have chosen two ports in popular Mediterranean yacht charter destinations in order to compare the nautical  facilities and service level offered by ports in different Mediterranean countries with strong sailing traditions.

1- El Portet de Denia

Cosy Spanish spot

Cosy Spanish spot, picture source:

It’s the principal port of Denia which is located within one of the quietest zones of Denia, near Ramset beach and in only 300 metres from the seafront and local leisure activities. Also, from there you can reserve a hotel, restaurant or car. Finally, you have everything necessary for your yacht charter in Denia.

It has 360 moorings with a maximum draft of 3 metres and reaching a length of 20 metres. The visitors of this port can enjoy the wide range of available services such as: drinking water, electricity, weather forecast, launching ramp, fire prevention, slipways and surveillance to cite some examples.

El Portet de Denia is considered as a marina with a medium capacity due to the fact that the mooring boats are not excessively big. If you are searching for a marine with terrific nautical services, this port will suit your needs. There you will find water and electricity available for every visitor. If you have a boat you can tow to the port, this marina becomes an ideal place for short trips, this way avoiding the mooring costs. At the same time it’s equipped with points to launch your boat into the water and ground points to park it.

Well, now everything is ready to concentrate your attention on the thing you like the most – navigation.

2- Gouvia Marina, Corfu

Greek port in Corfu

Greek port in Corfu, picture source:

Gouvia Marina in Corfu is the first private sports port in Greece. It’s not located exactly in Corfu but only 6 km from the city and about 10 km from the international airport. This port always was considered by sailors as a perfect marina where to start the Corfu yacht charter trip and to enjoy sailing the Mediterranean and Adriatic waters. It is an ideal place to relax while contemplating the beauty of the island and enjoying the pleasant climate. For many years Gouvia Marina served as an ideal spot to establish shipyards and naval stations, and till now persists as a delight for its visitors.

Due to the inherent beauty of this marina, all kinds of sailboats and other boat types come there in order to add the flair of charm to its gentle breezes, perfect weather and, of course, the beauty of the sea and the island in general.

This port is fully equipped and, if in a case of Denia it has all the necessary services, here the assortment range is not less. With the average capacity of 1235 moorings of 80 metres in length and with 5,5 of draft, we can observe more significant size of this port in comparison with Denia. Also, there is enough space available to accommodate about 520 ships in dry dock. This Corfu port is incredibly efficient and operates 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. If you want to enter this port on a board of your boat, you will need to call there in advance to obtain a relevant authorization that will make available all the local services with the aim to add even more comfort to your trip.