An ancient Mediterranean tale has brought to our times the story of Ayaks, a greek hero of immeasurable skills, who founded the city of Ajaccio, capital of Corsica. However, centuries have brought characters of more transcendency for World History. Napoleon, for example, stands out above all others; to him Corsica was motherland.

Yacht charter in Corsica

It’s not time to speak of the great corsican battles and the imperialism that have now remained in history. Although it is true, those napoleonic times, as well as the seven centuries of Roman Occupation, gave birth to such a beautiful island.

Also known as  “The little Italy in France”, for having been once an italian city, Corsica has maintained the remains of its transalpine culture, for it was long under italian influence. But Corsica is plainly a mountain eloping from the land and forming hard to imitate panoramas for a mere whim of mother earth.

But, what to see in Corsica?

In the mood of an orientation safari, we, at aBoatTime, recommend some places that, we think, are of mandatory visit while on your yacht charter vacation in Corsica.

Undoubtedly, the archipelago of the Iles Sanguinaires, which can be reached by boat. This was in another era the last bastion to defend Corsica. Be amazed while contemplating a sunset from this enclave, by the image of the sun rays, impacting rays against the sea and hills, transforming in their path, everything into copper.

Ajaccio, capital of the island, deserves a visit too. Be submerged into the galo-italic culture that it shelters and transmits from every corner.

Ajaccio, Corsica

The beaches cannot pass unnoticed either. In Corsica, the geographic features are more than just a portion of sand melting into the water. Its seasides distinguish themselves, alongside their extension, due to the way their sand fades gently the greens of the forests. Rondinara, Santa Giulia and Palombaggia are three beaches that should not leave unvisited.

For the lovers of tranquility and historical sceneries, Porto Vecchio and its old city could become the perfect choice. To walk through its narrow alleys full of history, and the tiny, so typical restaurants of the islands is completely beyond compare.

Finally, in our little guide through this “Bit of Italy in France”, we cannot forget to mention Bonifacio, on the south of Corsica, whose port and striking cliffs will surely amaze anyone who dares to see.