aBoatTime opens two new sailing destinations in the Caribbean: British Virgin Islands and St. Martin (French Caribbean). The newly opened yacht charter bases in Tortola (BVI) and St. Martin are managed by European staff and have 55 boats that provides complete flexibility in terms of bookings. Customers can rent boats for full weeks or single days according to their preferences without any restriction.

The best way to reach the new destinations is taking a flight to San Juan (Puerto Rico), located only few miles away from both of them.

An island surrounded by turquoise Caribbean waters

The climate of this area is a pleasant tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 22 and 28 ° C during the winter months, and 26 and 31 ° C during the summer. Rainfalls are scarce, most of them  concentrating between May and November. The season for charter sailing in the Caribbean extends from October to March with a peak season between December and February. Sailing in the waters of the Caribbean is fantastic since the prevailing winds are the trade winds which blow regularly with an intensity of 15 knots from east to west, allowing navigation from one island to another with a good wind. Moreover, in the lee areas of each island there are very safe beaches and coves to anchor and enjoy a spectacular scenery.

Yacht charter in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are located east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. It is an archipelago of about 40 islands of which 15 are still inhabited.  The larger islands include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.

BVI is an unbeatable yacht charter destination as the proximity between islands ensures getting from one island to another without exceeding 1h of  sailing. With an exception of Anegada, all the islands have mountainous terrain and thus they are perfect destinations for fishermen, snorkelers and scuba divers due to the stunning reefs that can be found there. With tourism the most important economic sector, is not a surprise that leisure services and gastronomy are among the main reasons why there are so many tourists coming to the islands every year to spend their holidays with family and friends. The British Virgin Islands are a great place for charter sailing as the winds of the region are very mild and waters – very calm, so sailing is simple and pleasant. In addition, BVI beaches allow easy anchoring wherever you want without any problem.

Tortola It is the largest island of the archipelago both for its size and population and it is believed that the name to this island was given by Christopher Columbus. It is a mountainous island of a volcanic origin with an area of approximately 56 km². Road Town, the capital of the archipelago which is also its major port, is located in the southeastern part of the island. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries this area was a place where pirates and buccaneers took refuge, and today there are many legends about hidden treasures that can still be found. Your sailing holidays on the island can become a fascinating adventure!

Anegada This Caribbean island has very interesting terrestrial and marine fauna as it is surrounded by Horseshoe Reef, one of the major coral reefs of the Caribbean sea and the world. There are many sandy beaches and isolated reefs on the island that give a perfect refuge. The mazes, tunnels and slopes of the reef will delight snorkelers and scuba divers, and also water sports enthusiasts and fishing lovers will find plenty of things to do here.  Moreover, Anegada gives a great opportunity to explore the remains left by Spanish galleons, American corsairs and British warships which makes your holiday experience on the island truly adventurous.

Couple snorkeling in Caribbean waters

Virgin Gorda This island attracts many tourists with its yacht clubs, quiet bays, safe anchorages, resorts and luxury villas. The geological formation of “The Baths” is located south of the island and is one of the favorite tourist attractions showing an evidence of the volcanic origins of the island.

Jost Van Dyke Being the smallest island of the four major ones, it provides many options for enjoyment, such as  pampering yourself in a natural jacuzzi formed by the sea in the East End or having relaxing days sailing and watching whales and dolphins aboard your charter boat. It is easy to understand why many holidaymakers say this island is so special. Jost Van Dyke is also a home to the world famous Foxy’s Old Year’s Eve Party as well as is famous for its regattas and numerous beach bars.

Yacht Charter in Saint Martin

The island of St. Martin (or Sint Maarten in Dutch) is located in the Caribbean Sea about 240 km east of Puerto Rico and to the northeast of the Lesser Antilles islands, and its area reaches 88 km². Saint-Martin is a cosmopolitan French-Dutch island open to all kind of people and cultures. It is divided into two parts: the French side in the north with the capital Marigot, and the Dutch side in the south with the capital Philipsburg. It is often known as “the friendly island” because, despite its dual nationality, there is a great harmony which is visible everywhere on the island – in its people, beaches, restaurants, parties etc. The island of St. Martin has experienced a strong increase in population during the recent years due to the development of tourism. Its mixed cuisine as well as its perfect harmony combining vanguard and traditions is something unique and its international fame is a true confirmation for it. In regards with watersport activities, it is a paradise for practicing all of them as the Atlantic and Caribbean waves in combination with the trade winds let lovers of windsurf, kitesurf, surf and bodyboard to enjoy their passion in great conditions throughout the year.

Boats around the island of Saint Martin

Saint Martin’s thirty seven white sand beaches are the perfect place to moor your boat and enjoy all the wonders of the turquoise Caribbean waters. In addition, festivals, carnivals, nightlife and cultural events hosted by friendly people and having warm atmosphere will make you wonder why you have waited so long to enjoy your sailing holiday on the island.