Why not push the boat out and try something different for your next holiday!? Rent a boat and go sailing up and down rivers and canals all over Europe – sounds great right? Here’s why a canal and river boat holiday is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a great break from escape the real world for a bit!

Everybody loves going on holiday and getting away from it all, but a canal boat holiday really gives you a personal and special experience that is significantly different to other getaways. Firstly, sailing up and down canals and calm rivers gives you a totally new experience to enjoy. Sail at slow relaxing speeds and just watch the gorgeous European landscapes pass you by as you occasionally stumble upon a small, rustic French village that will provide you with all the food and wine that you require for a delicious evening!

Perhaps what people most like about canal holidays is that you are never too far away from a bar (pub in the UK) or a delightful local restaurant! As you sail along the waterways you will discover these hidden pubs and eateries that will surprise you with tasty food and local produce and drinks. Is there anything sweeter in life than sitting back with your loved ones and sipping on a nice refreshing beer or a glass of wine while you relax in the sun on holiday?

Moreover, you are in complete control of your boat during your trip. A majority of the canal boats do not need a licensed captain in order to sail them, so find your Captain’s hat and set sail. This is a great feature of canal and river holidays as you can control where you want to stop for a break or food, you can decide how quickly or slowly you want to sail and also you can choose which stunning area you will decide to moor up and sleep for the night!

It is common for European canals to cross through more scenic parts of a country’s landscape. Therefore a boat rental holiday on a canal can let you explore local more quiet areas of Europe on foot or by bike. There is nearly always paths either side of the canal, so if you want a break from sailing on the water, you can leave the boat and explore the local area. This aspect of a canal boat holiday really is unique as many other types of holiday, don’t let you access as much of the region.

Furthermore, there can be interesting history found along the canals and rivers in Europe, you have to visit some of these areas during your canal boat holiday. Most European canals that are sailed in today were first built in the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century. If you have a keen and fervent interest in history, a canal boat holiday will supply you with all you need as you can sail past and even visit old mills, factories and impressive lock systems that were built over 100 years ago that still function almost perfectly to this day.

A canal boat holiday also boasts are wide variety of both flora and fauna. Therefore, if you are a nature enthusiast or a keen bird-watcher for example, a canal boat holiday offers you almost perfect access to see birds, small mammals and fish in their natural habitats. Additionally, if you enjoy fishing, there are often dedicated areas to go fishing in small lakes and docks that are joined with the canals.

As sailing on canals is significantly calmer than compared with sailing on the open seas, this allows the boats to be heavier and bigger in some cases. As a result of this, boats that you would rent on a canal boat holiday are usually luxurious, furnished very well and give off a homely feel that is not always found in the smaller motorboats that are taken out at sea.

A canal boat holiday really is a fantastic opportunity to experience a holiday like no other. Visit countries and see towns and cities in a very different way, from your boat. Discover the small local towns and witness the beauty of the more secluded European countryside whilst you dine on some find food and local wine. We may be biased, but we highly recommend a canal boat holiday as we think that you may encounter one of the most enjoyable holidays possible!

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