Since the fifties, the brand Pirelli has been perceived as a symbol of freedom of movement in the highways, authentically from the italian industry.

The name Milan is one of the largest tyre producer in the world and official supplier of Formula 1. But Pirelli is more than that; 50 years later, it designs the most exclusive luxury semi rigid boats in the market, offering all: originality, style and performance.

Up to this date, the Pirelli fleet is formed by 8 boats, from 9 to more than 14 meters long, that do not compromise the quality, a careful material selection and even their esthetic designs. Through these and a close attention to the details, the use of spaces and the technology are optimized.

Pirelli PZero 1400 Cabin

14 meters long and 3,8 wide are the dimensions of the flagship boat of the transalpine label. The new Pirelli PZero, materialized from the DNA of the spirit that has permanently characterized Pirelli’s industrial design project, which consists on a meticulous selection of materials, attention to the details and high quality of the finishings. The sophisticated lines, the quality and the wide spaces define these crafts.

A boat with no compromises, developed through research and based on the lines that result on a coherent design. This boat is the harvest of a collaboration between the Pirelli PZero licensee Tecnorib and the Swedish company OMD Ocke Mannerfelt Design, the leader enterprise in sport and racing boats design, and numerous global award winner.

PZero is an open semi rigid, with no cabins, very sportive and with an aerodynamic windscreen, a sunroof and three comfortable spaces in the driver seat. In the bow, as well as in the the stern, it offers an ample space, a living room with a double teak table and couches with an elegant beige lining, that is normally used in the nautical world due to its resistance to water and sunlight.

PZero 1400 Cabin, Pirelli

To enjoy of tranquility to the highest level, a minibar has been introduced with very luxurious details. Additionally, inside the console there is a compartment with a WC, shower and sink. There is a surprising amount of possibilities to personalize it: the colors of the cushions, the hull, the deck and the buoys. Concerning speed, if it is important, the version with a petrol engine can reach 55 knots, while the diesel engine, 45 knots.

With this, Pirelli has given semi rigids a new reputation. Never underestimate them.