East of Puerto Rico and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, we can find a paradise called: The British Virgin Islands. The entire archipelago is composed by about forty islands but its most populated areas are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.

Discovered in 1493 by none other than Christopher Columbus during his second trip to America, it was occupied by the Spanish Empire during the sixteenth century. The Dutch also settled on the island of Tortola but it was not until 1672 that the British arrived and conquered the islands.

Beach of Beef Island

Beach of Beef Island

A place of sugar cane plantations and crystal clear waters, this overseas territory, offers warm temperatures throughout the year. Its maximum average is 29 º and the minimum, does not go down from 21.5 º. We definitely realized therefore that the British Virgin Islands are the perfect place to spend your winter holidays on a boat.

The capital of these Islands is Road Town and of course the official language English, although Spanish is spoken by the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans that live there. One of the advantages of traveling to these islands is that the currency is U.S. dollars, which makes shopping easier and convenient for Europeans. We always recommended buying a Caribbean fruit liqueur, crafts of the area and jewelry made with shells. Always cheap and very nice!

What can be highlighted about the British Virgin Islands? Of course its beautiful beaches and bays, palm trees with a bright green color, its crystal clear waters full of white sand and tropical fishes. We cannot forget the big rocks that decorate the bays like a poster where we can find written down the word: paradise.

Why you just don’t tie up your sailing boat here? The Caribbean cuisine is also another thing you cannot miss. Funghi was the basic nourishment of the area, despite they have a rich fishing activity and of course imported food items. Their seafood and fish dishes are exquisite and a “must eat” if you spend your vacation in the Caribbean. If you love tropical fruits, do not miss mango, pineapple and coconut, in a piece or as slices inside a cocktail.

During your holiday, sailing the Virgin Islands, you will be able to enjoy a lot of watersport like diving, snorkeling or water skiing. If you want to try out scuba diving or you already are a diving fan, you have to do it here! Its waters hide the great wonders of the Atlantic Ocean, together with the Caribbean streams: corals, colorful fishes, turtles, manta rays, sharks and dolphins. If you decide to rent your yacht, sailing boat or catamaran during the winter holidays, you will be able to see humpback whales as they swim to these areas to mate.

We recommend you some awesome places to tie up:

  1. The beaches of Tortola: we recommend sailing north of the island and enjoying the magical bays Apple Bay and Brewers Bay.
  2. The natural pool on the island of Virgin Gorda: a natural pool, formed by rocks and seawater can be found on this island
  3. The tiny island of Saba Rock: located north of Virgin Gorda, is a piece of sand on the Caribbean as there is only a house and a pub. It is a good place for scuba diving or enjoying the true Caribbean tranquility.
  4. Sandy Bay: this lonely island is well known by locals and tourists for its natural scenery, perfect to enjoy with children, friends or with your couple.
  5. Diving and snorkeling: the most famous diving area in the Caribbean is Peter Island. The popular boat called Rhône, shipwrecked here in 1867 because of a horrible hurricane.
Catamaran in the Caribbean

Catamaran in the Caribbean

All the British Virgin Islands are wonderful, so it’s really up to you where to tie up your rented boat and spend a quiet day at a fabulous white sandy beach. There are of course luxury hotels that offer all types of services and entertainment, if you’d rather prefer not to spend the night on your yacht… but we think you should take the opportunity to make the most out of your vacation in the Caribbean and of course, of your boat rental in the BVI.

Waking up every day in a different location in the British Virgin Islands and having a breakfast with spectacular views, is the real luxury.