Something important when planning your holiday on a rented boat, apart from choosing the destination, is planning and organizing. Think about both the type of luggage that is best to carry, as well as many others things that you must consider in order to enjoy a few days of perfect sailing on board one of aBoatTime’s luxury boats.

Luggage and clothing

The first thing to keep in mind is the comfort and usefulness while you are sailing in your boat, so it is advisable not to carry too much luggage, only what is needed, since you can also make some purchases at your stops during your trip.

If we talk about the type of luggage to carry it is advisable not to use rigid luggage, as it is more difficult to find space to store them and may bother you during your stay, in this case it would be preferable to use sports bags or folding bags that can be easily stored in smaller corners or closets.

During your time on board a rental boat you should also bring some warm clothing, in addition to a raincoat, as you can experience different types of weather during your holiday. As for shoes, it is advisable to avoid those with black soles that can make the deck dirty. Always choose one with a white sole and with a design that gives you greater stability when walking on the deck of your chartered boat.

In addition, when returning from the beach, it is advisable to remove sand from your feet, towels and belongings before boarding.

We should not forget about other elements such as high protection sun cream, sunglasses and caps, because most of the time you’ll be outside in the sun, it will be really nice but you have to remember to protect yourself! However, don’t worry, there will be enough stores and supplies in the ports for everything you need during your yacht charter holiday.

Other recommendations for raveling on a chartered boat

When preparing a shopping list for your holiday, it would be best to prepare for everything you are going to consume or use during your holiday, and then, if necessary, change the order or make variations on this. You do not have to worry because in our rental boats there is sufficient storage space for provisions of food and drink. You will also find everything you need to cook your favourite dishes, plus a gas stove and oven; it is advisable to check that we have a spare gas cylinder before sailing. We also recommend opting for simpler and easier meals, because on our holidays, we want you to enjoy as many activities as possible.

In any case, these are just some recommendations to take into account for your holiday on a rental boat, but whatever you decide, we assure you that you will spend a few days sailing on and around the most impressive coasts surrounded by your loved ones. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with aBoatTime and rent a boat from us!