Do you know which is the seventh biggest island in Europe where sailing is an amazing experience and Italian cuisine a pleasure?

We are definitively talking about the amazing island of Sicily. Located in the south of Italy and in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, you are spoilt for choice if you like natural landscape, beautiful beaches and antique culture. Even if Sicily is one of the most chosen tourism destinations in Europe, it still keeps its traditional charm, natural areas and a lot of sightseeing places from the Roman Empire. Only 3km away from Mesina and 140km from Tunisia, you have to read this article if you want to know how a sailing trip can be, if you chose yacht charter in Sicily for your next vacation.

Sailing in Sicily II

Sailing in Sicily II

During the colonization era, Sicily belonged to the Phoenicians and one century later, it was Greece civilization that started to construct, the several important cities in Sicily that are nowadays still preserved. During the Second Punic War in the year 212 b. C., Sicily and Cartago were allied and the Romans conquered this territory. Time passed by but legacy and antique history remains…ruins, castles and incredible cities are a few of the monuments and places you will be able to visit during your yacht charter in Sicily.

What to do and visit during your sailing trip?

  1. The city of Palermo: one of the main treasures of the Roman Empire. Visit the chapel of Palatina and the Street market of Ballaró. Only 8km away from Palermo, we can visit the Cathedral of Monreale.
  2. Siracusa: It is said that this city is one of the most beautiful from the ancient world. You can sail directly to the city and have a look on their old squares, fountains and architecture.
  3. The settlement of Selinunte: one of the most important in the Mediterranean region.
  4. The Doric site of Segesta: this offers columns and a stone theatre from the III and V centuries’ b. C.
  5. Agrigento: this valley with 5 temples is part of the UNESCO Heritage Sites top list. The 5 temples are: Concordia, Hércules, Juno, Dioscuros and Jupiter.Temple of Agrigento, Sicily
  6. Trapani: this coastal town is worth to visit for its Roman, Baroque and Arabian architecture.
  7. The Castle of Erice: located in the province of Trapani, it is one of the most visited places in Sicily.
  8. The Roman town of Casale and the Square of Armenia.
  9. Ragusa: two cities with winding roads and majestic palaces on top of a mountain.
  10. Catania: place of the “Fontana dell’Elefante en la Piazza del Duomo” and also declared Heritage World Site.
Sightseeing in Sicily

Sightseeing in Sicily

During your yacht charter in Sicily you can also sail to Cefalú which is a Byzantine city and offers really good beaches. Don’t miss the Duomo and the walls of Salita Saraceno. Close to the northeast coast of Sicily, you will find the amazing Aeolian Islands where the Odyssey of Homer was inspired. Even it is a protected area you can sail to the 7 main islands and discover its natural beauty with a Mediterranean landscapes, lonely coves, hills and turquoise waters.

Sicily has a Mediterranean climate with very dry and hot summers and mild winters. The annual average temperatures are 12ºC-23ºC and temperatures in summer are usually higher than 30ºC. Water temperature varies from 15ºC-27ºC during the entire year which makes it possible to swim, snorkel and try out other water sports. To put it in a nutshell, we don’t need any more arguments to convince you about renting a boat in Sicily and enjoy your next vacation.