According to the latest report published by the Federation of Associated Employers of Industries, Commerce and Nautical and Maritime Services (FADIN), the boat rental market has increased by 3.8% compared with data from 2015. They also emphasize that the registration data for the rental market, has grown 13.7% during 2016, showing positive results and reaffirms the growing interest of the public who are enjoying sailing.

During 2016, 4,764 units were registered in Spain, an increase of 3.8% above the 4,588 registered in 2015, according to the report from the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.

Out of the 4,315 boats that were registered in the last year, 90.7%, were less than 8 meters in length, and 4,605, 96.7%, less than 12 meters long.

The growth of the rental segment stands out, with an increase of 13.7%, a fact that indicates the boom of this market, since the rental segment already represents 25.8% of the total market, more than 1 out of every 4 boat that is registered. This is also true of the changing trend of users, such as the strength of the nautical tourism sector in Spain.

Miquel Guarner, general secretary of FADIN, also stated that the growth of the smaller sized boats was particularly valued as the growth in that area was impressive.